USEDo's 5-Foot Denim Tuna Cushion is for the Toro Lover

Japan’s USEDo has just announced a new collaborative release with Kindai University. Stemming from a request to make a stuffed bonito toy for animals at home, this larger tuna version is the follow-up to that very-first release. Looking to challenge himself, the owner of USEDo wanted to make a realistic stuffed home decoration of a fish that would be known by all — and in came the tuna fish.

It didn’t stop there. After a colleague brought up the stories of Kindai University’s coveted farmed tuna used for sushi, the team set out to ask the Fisheries Research Institute of the university for an official collaboration. Making this even more special was the fact that the merchandiser was a Kindai University alumnus. After a year of sampling and several failed attempts, which can be seen here, the team over at USEDo got it right. A full-denim 150cm tuna duvet cover and a 50cm cushion were born.

Arriving in the choice of either a female ocean light blue tuna or a male deep-sea black tuna, the two options are sized in relation to the size of a real tuna fish when roughly a year old or three years old. Priced at either ¥4,290 ($40 USD) for the small or ¥10,670 ($100 USD) for the large, both versions can be found over at Felissimo.

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