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A FEMALE mechanic has opened up about her career choice – and hit back at those who say they can’t believe she works with cars. 

Social media user Daimee Charisma has dubbed herself “The Mechanic Girl” thanks to her job working as an apprentice alongside her dad. 

Despite what many people think, Daimee has never once regretted her job, as she likes to get down and dirty fixing cars and learning about all the different parts. 

Responding to claims that “being a mechanic is a dirty job”, Daimee simply laughed, as she posted a tongue in cheek video where she showed the reality of her day-to-day 9-5. 

In a video posted to her TikTok account @daimeecharisma_rosales, she could be seen standing in the office after working on some broken brakes on a vehicle. 

Daimee was dressed in a dark pair of gym leggings and a crop top as she showed how her stomach and abs on show had got covered in dirt and oil.

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She explained: “So I’m doing the brakes and it’s all in my belly button.”

As her colleague filming her asked if that meant she would stop wearing a crop top going forward, Daimee giggled as she replied: “No!” 

She later responded to another troll who told her to “stop dressing for attention,” as she said: “I wear what I like and I get the job done.” 

Daimee has also continued to share snippets of her job with her 404k social media followers.

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In another video on her profile, she also answered those who say they “don’t believe” that she “works on cars”. 

Silencing them once and for all, the TikToker recorded herself working on several different cars.

This included her removing parts of a car, and working with a range of different tools in the pit. 

Putting her money where her mouth is, Daimee then hit back as she said: “I actually work and I’m a pretty damn good apprentice mechanic.”

She then said that her career was the “best decision ever”.

It didn’t take long for her social media followers to rally around her, as they said to ignore the haters and focus on her. 

One person commended her, as he wrote: “I was an auto mechanic for 25 years, I know how hard you are working.”

A second joined the conversation, as they typed: “We know you work so hard!”

A third said: “I’m a mechanic, you’re doing a great job, just keep learning and being you.” 

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While a fourth added: “Keep up the hard work girl, you’re awesome!” 

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