Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach got married this year at New York City Hall

I love Greta Gerwig as an artist – an underrated actress, a gifted writer and a brilliant director. She’s funny, cool, artsy AND commercial. But her personal life… I won’t say she’s messy, because that implies that she’s been a whirling dervish of sexual shenanigans for years, and that’s not the case. What is the case is that Greta had an affair with Noah Baumbach, and the affair blew up his marriage to Jennifer Jason Leigh around the same time that JJL and Noah welcomed their son Rohmer in 2010. Greta and Noah have been together ever since, and Greta went on to have two sons with Noah, the youngest of whom was born in February of this year. It would have been a much, much bigger scandal but Greta wasn’t that big of a name in 2010 and Noah was just some art-house director. The whole situation with JJL still gets brought up, even if Jennifer barely engages with the story at this point. Why bring it up again? Well, Noah and Greta got married.

Greta Gerwig and her longtime partner, Noah Baumbach, are married, a representative for the Barbie director, 40, confirmed to PEOPLE. A source told PEOPLE that the two got married at New York City Hall. The couple first met while filming the 2010 movie Greenberg and began dating in 2011.

The news comes after a busy year for the couple who co-wrote the Barbie screenplay and announced that they quietly welcomed a second son in an interview with Elle UK published in July.

“The little guy is sleeping through the night. But I’m still doing that thing where I wake up, every hour to 90 minutes, and just hover. You just keep wanting to look at that baby. So I’m slightly in a twilight state,” the Lady Bird director told the outlet.

The new addition joined the couple’s first baby together, son Harold Ralph Gerwig Baumbach, whom they welcomed in March 2019.

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No mention of JJL. I guess she’s been written out of the narrative completely, although I would have expected some first or second-paragraph mention of “this is Baumbach’s second marriage and he has an older son with his first wife.” Something else I saw on Twitter is the suggestion that co-authoring the Barbie script was possibly the biggest paycheck Baumbach has ever gotten, especially if he and Greta got a backend. So… is that what happened? The thing is, I’m sure they always would have tried to put a bow on this at some point, but it’s interesting that it happened now, 13 years and two children later.

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