Nail the waterfall bangs trend, a twist on the noughties side swept fringe

Fringes have been given a watery update for summer 2023.

The trend was kicked off at Cannes Film Festival in May, where Dua Lipa debuted her waterfall fringe – and now everyone wants to give it a go. 

Waterfall fringes are layered, flowy bangs that are an easy way to embrace the popularity of the low-maintenance shaggy hairdos that gained popularity post-lockdown.  

With summer approaching, this could be the perfect time to give yourself a fresh new look by experimenting with a different type of fringe. 

To help you figure out whether it will work for you and to get it done correctly, we spoke to hair guru Alice Dawkins from Milk + Blush. 

What is a waterfall fringe? 

Anyone who called themselves a scene kid in the 2000s will have known the hype around a chunky side-swept fringe that you had to hold out of your black-khol-rimmed eyes. 

Waterfall bangs are reminiscent of that Y2K trend, but with a modern twist, Alice says. 

She continues: ‘However, they differ by featuring hair pieces cut at various lengths.’

‘Starting with the shortest around the forehead, waterfall bangs graduating longer pieces around the edge of the face to create the ‘waterfall’ effect.’ 

The result is a free-flowing fringe that falls just like, well, a waterfall. 

Alice explains that the fringe must look ‘wispy and effortless’. To do so, the hair is ‘styled inwards to create a rounded shape that frames the face.’ 

Who suits a waterfall fringe? 

Before you make an appointment with your hairdresser, have a look in the mirror at the shape of your face. 

“The curvature of the style is perfect for accentuating the eyes and high cheekbones, making this a perfect fringe look for those with square or heart-shaped faces with more angular features and wide-set foreheads.,’ Alice explains.

This doesn’t mean that those with rounder face shapes can’t rock a waterfall fringe, they just need to be cut slightly differently. 

Waterfall bangs. These can be any length, but if you’re nervous, start long. If you want to be able to tuck them behind your ear, Keep them around the length of your lip or below #waterfallbangs #cuttingtequnique #bangs #fringe

Ask your hairdresser to cut them ‘blunt and thick’ to balance out their features.

These fringes are also going to look different depending on your hair texture, so chat to your hairdresser about how this might look on you.

Above all, waterfall fringes are the perfect low-maintenance fringe style, as they ‘naturally blend in with the rest of your hair and are versatile to style,’ Alice says. 

How to get a waterfall fringe 

Now if you’re convinced, don’t run for the scissors in an impulsive 3am haircut. This look is best left to the professionals, to avoid any dodgy layers. 

Alice explains: ‘To achieve the look, consult a professional stylist and request a layered fringe with longer pieces towards the outer perimeters of the face that will frame it and ask for them to be styled in a rounded shape.

‘Most waterfall fringes start just above the cheekbone, but a salon professional can offer the best advice about the fringe length that will most suit you’ 

How to maintain a waterfall fringe 

Now, low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. All frings need some form of styling or hair products to keep it looking it’s best and stay in the desired shape. 

For waterfall fringes, you’ll need to be making fairly regular salon trips. 

‘To keep the length of the bangs consistent, aim to get it trimmed every 3-4 weeks to prevent it from getting too long,’ Alice advises. 

Now when it comes to styling the fringe at home, you can play around with a fuller, more volumised look or add texture for a grunge twist. Whatever works, start with freshly washed hair. Now grab a round brush. 

Alice says: ‘Blow dry the bangs, wrapping the hair on top of the brush and blow drying towards your face to create the rounded effect.

‘For extra volume, you can wrap the freshly blow-dried bangs around Velcro rollers while they cool before finishing with texturising spray for a more piecey look.’ 

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