Harry & Meghan Think 2024 Will Be 'Year Of Redemption' – From Healing Royal Feud To Hollywood Glow-Up!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle think the future has never looked brighter for them!

As an outsider looking in, things have never seemed worse for the couple. They’re still on the outskirts of the royal family as their feud has no end in sight. They lost their Spotify deal and they’re down MILLIONS in donations to their Archewell Foundation. Yeah, not the epitome of success to most. But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex aren’t worried. In fact, things are going much better BTS, apparently!

For starters, it helps that they’re ending the year on a high note after Harry walked away victorious from one of his phone-hacking lawsuits. Plus, their marriage is supposedly stronger than ever — despite rumors saying otherwise. Declaring all this, a source told Us Weekly on Wednesday:

“Harry and Meghan are in extremely high demand.”

They are?!?

They are reportedly being approached for speaking engagements, business collaborations, and even entertainment gigs. Because of all this, they’re considering making the move from Montecito to somewhere closer to all the action in Hollywood. Whether or not they bite the bullet, a second insider noted:

“Harry and Meghan think 2024 will be the year of redemption.”

It helps that the actress is personally seeing a spike in popularity as her team is working on her big comeback, the confidant added:

“They’ve actually been shocked by how popular she is. Her team has never seen anything like it.”

She’s even got a few projects pending with a “big media deal” possibly in the works. Hmm…

While the Cali native previously said she wasn’t interested in acting again, that’s not even off the table anymore! The first source said acting is a “never say never” possibility, especially since her legal drama Suits has gotten super popular again on Netflix. Per those in the know, a reunion like that of Friends is also in discussions at the moment! OMG! The first source dished:

“Meghan’s been tight-lipped about potentially revisiting the series, but there’s hope that if the timing is right, something can be worked out.”

We’re here for it!

The second source chimed in:

“Meghan would consider it. There have already been discussions.”

While it seems like maybe she’s jump back in front of the camera for Suits, the mother of two is currently “100 percent more interested in directing and being behind the camera,” the source added. The pair have a massive deal with the streamer and even just secured the rights to the popular romance novel Meet Me at the Lake, which they will adapt. Maybe Meghan is planning to do more than just produce it?? That would be cool!

Of course, there’s also been rumors she’s going to bring back her lifestyle blog The Tig. Per the second confidant, conversations around the website are “ongoing,” with the first saying the plan is to relaunch the blog “bigger and better” than before. The second insider said that while the Deal or No Deal alum’s been asked about film roles and multimillion-dollar deals with fashion houses and beauty brands, Meg is “laser-focused” on the Archewell Foundation and “everything she considers must fall in line with an Archewell initiative.”

Meanwhile, Harry signed a FOUR-book deal (!!!) with Penguin Random House ahead of the release of his tell-all Spare in 2021, so he has a LOT more writing to do! The second source noted, “he still has so much more to say,” but clarified that the upcoming books won’t be about the royal feud:

“Harry and Meghan want to go in a different direction. They’ve said what they needed to say with regard to the royals. They’re moving on.”

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. If they have so many great opportunities coming their way, why are things so slow-moving? The first expert explained:

“There’s this perception that Harry and Meghan have been snubbed in the entertainment industry. But the way they see it, they’re choosing quality over quantity instead of grabbing every opportunity that comes their way.”

Also, they think the media’s just being harsh when it comes to their hiccups, the second source went on:

“Harry and Meghan feel like everything with them is always blown out of proportion. They try not to let the noise affect their lives.”

If anything, the criticism has only made them closer:

“They are stronger than ever.”

When they’re not planning their business endeavors, the couple spends as much time as they can raising kids Prince Archie, 4, and Princess Lilibet, 2, the first insider detailed:

“They try not to rely too heavily on nannies. Harry and Meghan spend plenty of time outdoors, hiking with the dogs or kicking a soccer ball around with the kids. They also like to host dinner parties at the house and just kick back and binge-watch shows.”

They plan to spend Christmas in Montecito with friends and Meghan’s mom Doria, where they’ll stay busy “cooking, playing games and swapping gifts,” the insider teased:

“They have a tough time trying not to spoil the kids too much!”

Well, the 42-year-old philanthropist seems on top of that already. She just revealed she’s refusing to give Archie a pricey camera he’s wishing for. LOLz!

No matter how positive things look for 2024, “there’s no communication” between the Invictus Games founder and his family (including Prince William and Princess Catherine), aside from his brief calls with King Charles III. But the first source added that Harry “was pleased he connected with his father, and he and Meghan want to have more contact with the royal family as 2024 unfolds. They’re hoping things heal with time.” Fingers crossed…

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