I tried five flavoured Irish creams – and the cheapest won by far at £6.99

Flavoured Irish cream liqueurs have gained popularity in recent years, with supermarkets offering a huge variety of flavours.

I recently tried flavoured beverages from Marks and Spencer, Asda and Aldi to see how they compared to one another.

Tiramisu Irish cream

The tiramisu beverage was purchased from Marks and Spencer for £9 for a 500ml bottle.

The description of the drink said: “This stunning liqueur has all the classic flavours of traditional Italian tiramisu, with coffee, rich Belgian chocolate, and fresh cream from the Ballyrashane creamery.”

This drink was super tasty with strong notes of coffee and chocolate running through it.

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It tasted exactly like tiramisu with a hint of liqueur and plenty of creaminess to it.

It wasn’t my favourite flavoured Irish cream, however, if you like tiramisu and coffee, this isn’t one to miss.

Score 7/10

Chocolate orange Irish cream

 This chocolate orange-flavoured cream liqueur was from Asda, costing £8 for 700ml of liquid.

After winning the Good Housekeeping Christmas Award 2022, I was hopeful that this drink would be enjoyable.

However, I was super disappointed with this drink as it had no chocolate or orange flavour at all and left a weird aftertaste in the mouth.

It also tasted of pure alcohol and was virtually undrinkable which was a shame considering chocolate orange is one of my favourites.

Score 2/10

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White chocolate Irish cream

This white chocolate-flavoured cream was purchased from Aldi under the supermarket’s Ballycastle brand.

It was just £6.99 for a 700ml bottle, one of the cheapest beverages on the market.

I had never tried a white chocolate Irish cream before so was super excited to try this one, and I wasn’t disappointed.

It had a lovely sweet but not overly sickly taste, and you could really taste the white chocolate in it.

This was balanced nicely with the cream and alcohol flavour, providing an overall great drinking experience. 

Score 9/10

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Golden blond chocolate Irish cream

The golden blond chocolate flavour cream liqueur was purchased from Marks and Spencer at £10.50 for a 700ml bottle.

This turned out to be one of the most expensive Irish creams on the market, with Baileys often sold for cheaper.

However, it was absolutely delicious served over ice and its super sweet flavour made it feel like a delicious pudding.

The product description said: “A rich blend of golden blond chocolate flavour cream liqueur, made with fresh cream from the Ballyrashane Creamery. Expertly blended for M&S, this drink is best served chilled over ice.”

The drink has also proved to be popular with Marks and Spencer customers, with it receiving four stars on Ocado’s review page.

Score 8/10

Blonde chocolate Irish cream

Similar to the chocolate orange Irish cream, this beverage was purchased from Asda at £8 for a 700ml bottle.

The description states that the beverage has a “delicate caramel flavour and Madagascan vanilla”, but it wasn’t pleasant. 

It was super sweet and sickly, and tasted very strong of alcohol.

Score 5/10

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