Remove patio weeds by turning 30p kitchen staples into a ‘effective weed killer’

Gardening tips: Four homemade hacks to kill garden weeds

No one wants pesky weeds growing on their pathways as they can easily make a home look untidy and unkept. However, weed roots can also damage your patio and paving over time, as the roots will expand against the stone which will lead to cracks that will need to be fixed or replaced.

Weeds also retrain moisture after it rains which makes pathways slippy. This can be a major safety hazard to walk on, especially in winter when the weather is wetter and frostier.

Weeds are an incredible nuisance which seems to grow back no matter what you do. However, there are many simple yet cheap methods to keep weeds from growing on your patio and pathways around your home.

The experts at Harpenden Block Paving, a gardening and landscaping service, have shared the most effective methods to get rid of weeds without having to use any harsh chemicals which can be damaging to local wildlife.

How to get rid of patio and pathway weeds 

1. White vinegar 

On their website, Harpenden Block Paving highly recommends trying white vinegar to kill weeds by simply mixing it in a spray bottle with dish soap.

This method should be used on a sunny day as white vinegar quickly dries out the weeds and will not be effective on a rainy day. If you try this method as it rains soon after, then you will likely have to try again.

The expert wrote: “White vinegar is readily available, cheap, and an effective weed killer for block paving. It dries out weeds on contact.”

They added: “Mix two teaspoons of dish soap in with the white vinegar. The amount of vinegar will depend on the size of the job at hand,

“Typically, with two teaspoons of soap, you will require 4.5 litres of white vinegar to mix. Once stirred, pour the solution into a garden spray bottle.”

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2. Saltwater

This method will work slowly and need to be repeated every three to six weeks, but will eventually kill off all your weeds.

It is important to not try this method near any greenery you care for, as it is very effective and can permanently kill plants and flowers.

Harpenden Block Paving wrote: “Make a saltwater solution of three parts water and one part salt, and mix together. Pour this saltwater solution between your patio slabs.

“As the weeds start to die, pour some dry salt over areas where there are lots of weeds.”

3. Boiling Water 

Boiling water works well to kill weeds off on your patio, but it should be noted to be very careful when using this method. Pour from a short height and pour directly onto the weeds.

The expert wrote: “A good way to kill weeds and prevent germination is to boil your kettle and pour the water between your patio slabs. Repeat until you have doused all pesky weeds.”

4. Baking Soda 

Baking soda is a fantastic method to use if you have a lot of wed weather, as it needs to be applied after a heavy rain. It will likely need to be repeated every four to six weeks.

The expert added: “Sprinkle baking soda over your patio and sweep it into the gaps between the slabs, then hose down with water.”

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