Twitter users reveal the unlikely experiences they’ve missed out on

Twitter users reveal the unlikely experiences they’ve missed out on – from never tasting tea to not seeing snow

  • ‘#IConfessIHaveNever’ is currently trending on the social media site Twitter
  • People are sharing all the things they haven’t done, including eating a burrito 
  • One woman even made the shocking admission she’s never seen Forrest Gump 

Imagine meeting someone who’s never watched Game of Thrones or tried a burrito, it seems unthinkable – but a new Twitter trend has changed that. 

People from all over the world have been using the ‘#IConfessIHaveNever’ to divulge their secrets and some of the responses are incredible, including one from a person who has never drunk one of the world’s most common hot drinks – and England’s most quintessential – tea. 

While a lot of the responses were either witty or shocking, some were even quite sad – like the one shared by a person who said they had never seen snow, while another person had never carved a pumpkin. 

But the biggest shockers came in the form of people not having seen the world’s most popular TV shows and movies. 

One woman said she had never seen Forrest Gump while another person said they hadn’t watched even one episode of Game of Thrones. Another person has never made it through the entirety of the first Godfather movie.  

Despite being one of the most popular television shows in the entire world, some people are still yet to watch a single episode of Games of Thrones, and this woman admitted to that

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