John Krasinski and Emily Blunt Open Up About Their "Beautiful, Secure" Family

Directing and starring in A Quiet Place and playing the iconic Jack Ryan have been huge opportunities for John Krasinski, but his wife Emily Blunt and their daughters Violet, 2, and Hazel, 4½, remain his primary focus.

“Family comes first no matter what, and that’s non-negotiable,” he told People Saturday at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival in Savannah, Georgia, where he and Blunt received awards.

“We have been working a lot this year and we feel so blessed, but at the same time our kids come first and being together comes first.”

When shooting Jack Ryan, the 39-year-old actor flew home every weekend to see his family, he said. Being with his wife and daughters “is not a job or a duty, it’s something I just can’t wait to do. I can’t wait to get back to them. We always make time to see each other.”

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Blunt, meanwhile, described family as a “beautiful, secure foundation.”

“Family is the foundation for why we are able to go off and have fun and have these incredible experiences,” she said. “I try to take big stretches between [projects] to be with the kids. I’m not going to work until next June and finished my last one in September.”

Both said the highlight of 2018 so far has been how A Quiet Place was received in March at the South by Southwest film festival.

“When we screened it for the first time ever in the world, that was truly one of those moments I’ll never forget because I think it not only changed my career, it changed my life,” said Krasinski.

Blunt, 35, explained that the “stratospheric reaction” from the South by Southwest audience made it a “completely unparalleled experience.”

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“We did not know what people would think of it and we didn’t know how it would be perceived so it was the warmest of welcomes and one that was truly an unforgettable night,” she told People.

Krasinski, meanwhile, said taking on the role of Jack Ryan has been “amazing,” admitting to People, “He is one of those characters I’ve always wanted to play.”

Explained The Office alum, “In today’s world, there’s a whole lot of superheroes out there [so] it’s kind of nice to play a guy who doesn’t have a cape and can’t fly but actually just has to use his brain and his instincts. It’s been really fun.”

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