Jerry Seinfeld orders the chocolate babka while filming ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

How’s this for life imitating art?

Monday afternoon, customers got a surprise – as did the staff – when Jerry Seinfeld and fellow comedian Ricky Gervais walked into the family-owned Martine’s Fine Bake Shoppe in Scarsdale, NY as part of a segment for “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

And yes, as a possible homage to a classic  “Seinfeld” episode called “The Dinner Party” (google it!), Jerry got the chocolate babka.

According to Martine’s owner Tal Campana, Seinfeld and Gervais looked around a while — and indulged in fan photos — before buying Israeli rugelach and a fruit tart. “He ate the Israeli rugelach right away and said it was delicious,” said Campana.

He also left a $200 tip on what Campana said was “a very small take-out order.”

Fans in the store posted on social media that he also picked up the babka.

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