Dramatic Footage Shows Good Samaritans Pulling Car Off Trapped Pedestrian Who Was Hit in NYC

A woman has a group of pedestrians to thank for saving her life after they banded together to lift a vehicle that she was pinned underneath in Manhattan.

The incident unfolded on Wednesday afternoon around 2:15 p.m. at the intersection of East 50th Street and 2nd Avenue and in Midtown, a spokesperson with the New York Police Department confirms to PEOPLE.

Authorities said the 57-year-old woman was crossing East 50th Street north to south when she was struck by a 35-year-old male's black Toyota SUV traveling eastbound on 5oth Street.

"The victim was pinned under the vehicle for a period of time and sustained injuries throughout the body," the NYPD spokesperson says.

Dramatic video captured by a witness at the scene shows a bunch of pedestrians coming together to lift the vehicle and free the woman underneath.

"Oh my god," the person recording can be heard saying as the group slowly lifts and pushes the SUV away from the woman.

One of those good Samaritans, Jesse Hershkowitz, told WABC that the group didn't hesitate to jump into action and made sure that they did not move the injured victim while lifting the car.

"A large group of people scrambling with jacks to try and lift the car and provide assistance," Hershkowitz explained. "About six or seven of us just ran out into the middle of the street, and we actually physically lifted the car and moved it off of her, without moving her obviously. She was moving her feet and her ankles."

Witnesses told the outlet that the woman appeared to be in serious condition while mostly unconscious and covered in blood, but she was able to squeeze a finger on one of the good Samaritans.

The woman was transported to NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and listed in stable condition as of Thursday afternoon, according to the NYPD spokesperson.

As for the driver, it is unclear whether he suffered any injuries and was at fault for the incident, but the NYPD spokesperson says he remained on scene and no arrest has been made.

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