Home and Away spoilers: Killer gang closes in on Tori, Robbo and Jasmine

Robbo (Jake Ryan) has been left shaken by a series of photos pushed under the door of the Pier Apartment which show him and Jasmine (Sam Frost) out and about. When he reads the message written on the back of one of them – ‘Time to talk’ – he starts scanning the pier for signs of whoever could have left them. He and Colby (Tim Franklin) discuss the images, but are unable to come up with any answers as to what the message could mean.

When Jasmine comes out from the bedroom, Robbo keeps the news from her, simply shutting her down when she wants to go out. A frustrated Jasmine questions what’s changed since yesterday, but Robbo won’t say anything.

Lance (Angus McLaren) tells Robbo that there has been more chatter about him from the gang, and Robbo informs him about the photos. A concerned Lance promises to investigate, and to provide additional security in the meantime.

Tori (Penny McNamee) moves out of the safe house, and it isn’t long before Justin (James Stewart) figures out something is wrong – he hears from Alf (Ray Meagher) that Robbo was in a state on the pier earlier. He confronts Robbo, wanting to know if Tori is safe. Colby takes him outside and hints that the danger is in the Bay instead.

When Jasmine sees Tori’s stress, she begins to suspect that Robbo’s hiding something even more, and demands answers from him. Meanwhile, Tori approaches Lance, who tells her that there’s been a threat against Robbo and Jasmine.

Jasmine tells Robbo it’s just as terrifying to be left out of the loop, and Robbo finally shows her the photos. Jasmine panics and begins to realise just how serious the threat against them is…

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