Man left red-faced after his mother-in-law asks him ‘what size his drumstick is’ as men in the family ‘only have big ones’

Despite going out with his girlfriend for a year, it seems her mum is still withholding her approval of the relationship – until he reveals how big his penis is.

The man shared his bizarre situation on Reddit, where he said his girlfriend’s mum keeps "making comments" about his manhood, and it’s making him uncomfortable.

He called his girlfriend ‘badass’, but said: “Her mom on the other hand is uh…interesting…to say the least.”

The man went on to describe a typical family dinner, saying: “When I met her, she asked my GF all these questions about my job and family and whatnot.”

But things soon take an unusual path.

He said: “Then she got to a more personal question

“’What’s his ‘drumstick’ size!? All men who are in this family/marry into this family have big drumstick’.

“I look mortified and my GF turns to me with a “wtf” look on her face.”

He said they “quickly left”, but that wasn’t the end of the mum’s probe into her daughter’s man.

The bloke said: “More we see her the more she asks about my erm….drumstick…

“Last week when we saw her, she approached me and said “I won’t approve of you dating [My GF] until you tell me your “drumstick” size!”

To make matters worse, the shameless mum asked the question in front of her husband.

He said: “Gf’s Dad looks super f*****g embarrassed and I can TELL he’s dying inside.

“I just turned around and went to talk with GF’s other relatives.”

His unusual situation has received a lot of responses, with people suggesting all sorts of advice.

One person said: “Every time she does ask, shout out ‘penis question again’!”

This person took a stronger view, saying: “I would say that my mom is like that, but she would never do that. Your girlfriend’s mom is sexually harassing you. She is a creep.”

A third person commented: “Inappropriate. If I were you, I'd just say plainly ‘That is very personal information which has nothing to do with you. Please stop asking me about it, thank you’.”

And one unusual suggestion was: “Buy giant scary looking dildos.

“Next time she asks, GF can pull one out of her purse and say "not as big as mine".

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