Heidi Klum Dresses As ‘Shrek’s Fiona In Another Over The Top Costume For Her Annual Halloween Party

Heidi Klum topped herself again. Each year, she brings sex appeal, or drama, or the scaries, and her 2018 Halloween party ‘Shrek’ Fiona costume was no execption.

Heidi Klum‘s Halloween is the best party of the year! The model and designer started getting ready for her annual Halloween party around 1pm and the party didn’t even start until 9pm! The New York City bash was held at famed club LAVO and was star-studded. But of course, the biggest star of the night was Heidi herself, who was dressed as Fiona from Disney’s Shrek. Not the one from the first one as a beautiful princess but after the curse had turned her into an Ogre!

Heidi showed fans a preview of her outfit via Instagram, where she showed a series of videos going through the painstaking makeup process. Some of her past outfits have taken several days to apply and this one had her in the makeup chair for EIGHT HOURS! She began documenting the transformation around 1pm EST with a video of her gorgeous face saying Let’s do this!”. Then she headed to her annual party was sponsored by Party City. where Quest Love is the DJ.

Fans were going wild trying to guess her costume as Heidi posted sneak peeks on Instagram throughout the afternoon. Smiling Buddha?, one asked. The Mask, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and Princess Fiona from Shrek all got a bunch of votes. Mike Marino from Prosthetic Renaissance has been working on this costume for months, and it totally paid off! Heidi always goes BIG for her Halloween parties.

In 2017, she was unrecognizable as a werewolf from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video. Literally, I walked past her at the party and had NO IDEA it was her. In 2016, she had five models “cloned” to look exactly like her. They all walked the carpet together wearing Herve Leger bodysuits and thigh-high boots! In 2015, she was Jessica Rabbit, and not only did she have a prosthetic face, but she wore massive fake boobs and a fake butt!

See all of the guests attending Heidi’s epic 2018 Halloween party the gallery attached above as well as her full outfit as Fiona!

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