White House aide who took Jim Acosta’s mic returns on SNL to take pencil

Saturday Night Live tackled the recent controversy over the removal of CNN’s Jim Acosta’s credentials on “Weekend Update”, as a “White House intern” appeared on the show and snatched co-anchor Colin Jost’s pencil.

It came just four days after Acosta was denied entrance into the White House for “placing hands on a young woman” trying to take his microphone as he asked U.S. President Donald Trump a question.

As Jost begins to report on the White House suspending Acosta’s press credentials, the aide, played by Cecily Strong, walks on set and begins nervously shuffling back and forth and pointing to Jost while looking at someone off camera.

She then reaches for his pencil, as he moves it away from her.

“I’m sorry, you can’t take my pencil, I’m sorry, is this the White–” he begins as she slowly lowers herself behind the desk while still trying to take the pencil.

“This is that White House intern who tried to grab the mic from Jim– no, you cannot just take my pencil.”

In response, she says, “I need your microphone.”

The intern then tries to grab for Jost’s lapel microphone, before gesturing to someone off camera and repeatedly saying, “I need your microphone,” at one point even making a quick grabbing motion with sound effects.

Jost again refuses, telling her “you’re attacking me right now,” then asks if she wants to sit. She refuses.

At this point, she disappears under the desk, before rolling around with her legs seen flying through the air as Jost and co-anchor Michael Che act confused.

Repeating herself once more, she asks for his microphone and even asks the person off-screen if she is supposed to take Che’s microphone, before finally grabbing Jost’s pencil, mistaking it for a microphone, and running off.

The segment ends with him once again introducing Strong’s character as she runs off, before reaching under the desk and grabbing another pencil.

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