Vicki Gunvalson BEGGED by Tamra and Shannon: Stop Spreading Nasty Lies!

That absurd Kelly Dodd group sex rumor is only the latest unsubstantiated scuttlebutt to turn The Real Housewives of Orange County upside down.

At the center of these rumors is always Vicki Gunvalson, who claims to have “heard” these rumors.

In this clip, Tamra and Shannon try to stage an intervention and beg Vicki to stop spreading rumors and hurtful nicknames and to just be nicer.

As The Tres Amigas discuss the guest list for the big Arizona retreat, Vicki reveals her nickname for Braunwyn Windham-Burke.

“Someone said that her name is Boring-wyn,” Vicki says when Tamra asks what she just called their castmate.

“No,” Tamra counters. “You just said it.”

This is when Vicki gets defensive, saying: “No, I repeated something.”

Vicki loves to “repeat” rumors, unkind nicknames, and unflattering stories. It’s a huge part of her brand.

“Vicki can’t help herself,” Tamra laments to the camera during a confessional.

“Like, she loves to talk s–t,” she correctly observes.

“And then,” Tamra continues. “She’s like ‘What?! That’s what I heard.'”

Viewers are then treated to a montage of exactly what Tamra describes from over the years.

She declares: “This behavior’s gotta stop!”

Back in the present, Shannon expressed to Vicki her desire that both the OG of the OC and Kelly will mend fences to some degree.

“I’m not saying that you guys will emerge the way that you were,” Shannon clarifies.

“But,” she continues. “I want the low blow nastiness to stop.”

“I do, too,” Vicki says solemnly, causing both of her friends to realize that she’s not hearing what they’re saying.

Shannon tries to explain: “But part of that nastiness, Vicki, is putting seeds into the universe.”

In other words, planting rumors and causing trouble by “repeating” things that she has “heard,” whether they’re true or not.

“Listen,” Vicki insists. “I don’t want conflict with anybody.”

She claims: “I’m at the same place where you are, where I want peace.”

“But,” Vicki vows. “I’m not going to be her punching bag or her pincushion anymore.”

“I don’t deserve that,” she affirms.”

Vicki explains: “I’m not the type of girl who sits back! You aren’t either, and neither are you.”

Shannon, who has been on the receiving end of nasty rumors from her friend, has t disagree.

“Yeah I am, Vicki,” Shannon asserts. “It just happened to me last week.”

We then see a throwback to Shannon’s conflict with Emily Simpson.

At the time, Shannon was unnerved that Emily had seemingly dismissed or mocked her accomplishments.

Emily, on the other hand, was just very tired of hearing about them all. Both women could probably have been nicer about it.

“I think a good thing that you can do, moving forward,” Tamra begins to advise.

She continues: “If she does throw a bomb or a nuke or whatever it is she throws, not to react.”

“Don’t do anything,” Tamra instructs.

This is when Vicki asks that her friends defend her by telling Kelly to cut it out.

Shannon says that she will call down anyone who starts attacking another, which is … not exactly what Vicki was asking for.

The general vibe from Shannon and Tamra here is that they’re trying to give Vicki an intervention.

They want her to kick her habit of claiming to have “heard” unkind things about her castmates or their loved ones.

(Both have been on the receiving end of this)

Whether she has heard it or not, Vicki needs to keep these things to herself instead of lording htem over her castmates or “dropping hints.”

That will make her a nicer person. It might not make her a more successful reality star, however.

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