Popular Instagram Model Accused of Trying to Hide Transgender Status After Deleting Account

Aliyah Jazmine, who resides in Melbourne, Australia, had 600k followers before her page is gone amid backlash after it was exposed that she was born a male.

AceShowbiz -Despite the rising support for LGBTQ community, popular Instagram model Aliyah Jazmine is apparently still reluctant to come clean about her identity. The model, who is known for her voluptuous figure, has deleted her Instagram account after it was exposed that she’s a transgender.

Aliyah’s secret reportedly came out several weeks ago, when a disgruntled ex-boyfriend spilled the tea that she’s actually born a male. She later received many hateful messages, with some of her followers lashing out for being lied to.

“I didn’t know she was a dude,” a shocked fan commented on the news. “No words…just talks with God. Smh,” another slammed the social media personality. Someone else was curious about Aliyah’s body transformation and asked, “He was so skinny how did he get thick like that esp in the thighs?”

Aliyah’s Instagram page later abruptly disappeared, but people found out that she has created a new page, which is set private. According to some of her followers, her new page doesn’t include pictures in which she looks slightly muscular, prompting people to accuse her of trying to hide her status as transgender again.

In her new Instagram bio, Aliyah wrote, “deleted at 600k.” Someone blasted her for seemingly suggesting that she didn’t intentionally delete the page, writing, “He deleted his page himself when he got exposed for being a man talked about some ‘deleted at 600k’ YOU DELETED IT!!!!! The world found you were posing as a woman and them boom page gone smh lol.”

Aliyah’s transgender status was first brought forward in 2019, when a Reddit user claimed that Aliyah was born a male and named Daniel. The Reddit user also posted a picture of Aliyah allegedly from her days as a boy.

The mode, who was followed by famous male celebrities including Future, Meek Mill, Rick Ross and Kevin Durant, also shut down her social media account, which had more than 500,000 followers, at the time. It’s unclear if she reactivated the said account or created a new one after deleting it last year.

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