I'm a prison wife – how I visit 'pound town' for romps with my husband and where we sleep | The Sun

A PRISON wife has shared details of what actually happens when she has a conjugal visit with her husband, and where the "magic happens".

Lynette's other half is behind bars, but she's able to visit him and gets to stay overnight on occasion.

She's often asked what the setup is like when she does get an overnight stay, and opened up about the "unit" they get given in a video on her TikTok page.

"At our facility we have five units – four are in a row and the fifth one is off somewhere else, it's a (disabled access) unit," Lynette began.

"They all have yards that are enclosed and artifical grass in your yard, and a walkway.

"So when you're escorted to your unit, the guard lets you in and then you're locked in there."

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She then detailed the layout of the unit, explaining that the door opens onto a wide hallway – with racks on each side.

It's here that there are "card games, colouring books, books, a Bible, whatever" all stacked up for the inmate and their guests' entertainment.

"Then you have this big open area and in that area to the left is a small entertainment centre with a TV on top and your DVD player and an Xbox," she continued.

The open area also contains a love seat, a sofa and a kitchen table with chairs, as well as a little kitchenette complete with fridge, microwave, cupboard, oven and sink.

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On the other side of the kitchen is a door which leads to the bathroom, which has a sink, mirror, toilet, shower and bath in it.

And on the other side of the bathroom is one of the bedrooms, which is usually used for children during family stays, and contains two twin beds and a cot if necessary.

"On the left side is where the magic happens," Lynette laughed, before adding: "Just kidding!"

"It's another bedroom with a queen size bed and a frame – just the mattress and the frame – a dresser with a few drawers and that's basically it," she said.

"That's all that they supply you with but it is like your own apartment and its yours for the entirety of your stay."

She also said that guards never come into the unit, but that her husband has designated "count times" where he has to put on his jail uniform, go to the gate at the front of the units and check in with the guards.

Lynette concludedher video by saying: "So that's why I say when I say I'm in pound town, b**ch I mean it – I'm in pound town!"

"Curious question is he in the room already waiting for you ? lol like surprise," one person asked in the comments section.

"Or he shows up after you're in the room?"

"Lmao yes. He’s always in there first," Lynette replied.

"I had no idea family visit was a thing so thank you for sharing," another added.

"I used to go as a kid and you described it perfectly," a third commented.

"I appreciate how you break everything down!" someone else wrote.

"I needed this I have my first family visit at the end of the month."

"I can't wait to go to pound town, my question is can the other units hear what is happening next door?" another asked.

With Lynette replying: "Tbh I haven’t but I would imagine they might hear me."

In another video, Lynette showed what she was packing for a couple of nights staying in jail with her husband.

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As well as having to take her own sheets and towels for the stay, she packed a wide array of sexy underwear and outfits to keep her husband entertained.

She also had to take plastic bowls and cutlery, some cleaning products and a load of toiletries.

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