My daughter doesn’t want us at her wedding – she expects her dad to leave after walking her down the aisle | The Sun

A MOTHER has been left devastated by her daughter’s decision not to have any family at her wedding.

She explained that the 25-year-old hasn’t invited any of her siblings and wants her father to leave immediately after walking her down the aisle. 

The mother sparked a lengthy discussion on Reddit after claiming to be completely unaware of why her daughter’s fiancédoesn’t like her or her husband.

“It’s going to be a large wedding, so I'm surprised we were not invited. 

“I wasn’t surprised when she didn’t invite her siblings, because their relationship is practically non-existent, however she didn’t invite either me or my husband,” she writes. 

“Her rule is that she just wants my husband, her father to walk her down the aisle, and then he leaves. 

“When we asked why, it’s because her fiancé doesn’t like us, and she doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable. 

“She made it clear she wants us there, not her fiancé.

“I genuinely do not know why her fiancé does not like us. I’d be willing to figure out why, if he would like to talk.”

The mother says she has met her daughter’s fiancé just a “handful of times” in the four years that they have been together.

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She claims he often doesn’t respond when spoken to and changes his answer for how the pair met every time he is asked.

“When my daughter told me the rule of us not getting invited, and her father could only walk her down, I told her it was ridiculous, and not fair to either me or her father,” she continues.

“I also asked her about the future, how he is going to act when they have kids.

“My husband told me it wasn’t necessary to say, and maybe it wasn’t. So AITA (Am I The A**hole)?”

Initial responses to the post slammed the woman’s daughter and warned her fiancé’s behavior is a “red flag.”

One person commented: “Yeah, something is going on here if your daughter is NC (no contact) with her siblings, and you're getting such evasion from her fiancé and daughter as to reasons why he won't even speak to you.

“Huge red flag if her fiancé is so controlling that he won't even allow his future wife's parents at the wedding. 

“Perhaps discuss with your husband and perhaps if he declines to go unless you are both invited.

“Explain why – you're her mother just as much as he's her father, you come as a package – then maybe that will give your daughter some food for thought?

“I'm sorry you're in this sad situation, it still seems like there is more to this story tbh.”

Another added: “NTA (not the a**hole), your daughter and her fiancé are though.

"She has so little respect for you that she won't have you at her wedding. 

“I hope you are not financing this one cent. If she is not sticking up for you, what is her problem? 

“I will go out on a limb and say this marriage is either going to be abusive or will not last.”

However, others replied to the post accusing the mother of withholding information and questioned the bond she had with her daughter before she met her fiancé. 

“Does she even like you? You mention that she has a practically non-existent relationship with her siblings,” one asked.

“There’s smoke here. Now tell us if there is a fire. 

“You don’t even attempt to describe your relationship with her.

"You say you see the fiancé only a handful of times. Do you see her otherwise?

“I do agree the rule with her dad is strange though.”

Another said: “As someone who's in-laws berated me for years with racism and still have the gall to go around pretending that they don't know what they did wrong, OP isn't giving us the full story here.

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“There's something missing here. I don't believe that OP (original poster) was cut out with so little reasoning behind it.

“Anyone calling the husband controlling is casting judgment with info only from the side that's being carved out.”

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