The 30p trick I swear by that make my loo smell amazing for days and it’s perfect if you live in a house full of boys | The Sun

A CLEANING fan has the unique way she managed to get rid of the smell of urine from her bathroom floors.

Some people think it's genius whilst others are totally confused.

Azure MacCanell who goes by @livecomposed online shared the method in a TikTok video online. 

The cleaning fan says she is in the process of potty training her son, which has inevitably resulted in some slip up. 

Due to this her bathroom has had a strong urine smell that she wanted to get rid of. 

The cleaning fan said she saw the hack online and wanted to give it a try. 

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She said: “Trying CleanTok hacks. Shaving cream to get rid of the urine smell.”

Azure sprays her shaving foam all over her floors before leaving it to set. 

She said: “Spread evenly and let sit for 20 minutes.”

Afterwards she made sure to properly remove the shaving foam from her floors. 

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She said: “Squeegee most of it then mop with clean water.”

Azure was amazed the hack has worked so well. 


She said: “This totally worked great!”

The best part of the hack is it’s pretty long lasting and can keep your toilet smelling fresh for days.

She added: “Smelled clean for days!”

Azures toilet cleaning hack gained over 42,000 views online. 

One user said: “No disinfectant? Pass.”

Another said: “You know what else works..cleaner and hot water..”

But many TikTok users thought the hack was a great idea 

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One user said: “This actually does work “for a while “. Our boys bathroom has a pee odour from the grout . This helps, but after about four months, it comes back.”

Another said: “Mind blown.”

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