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A MUM has received support online after she declared why people shouldn't ever go on holiday for two weeks.

The woman thought she might spark a debate with her controversial opinion, but was surprised to see other people backing up her stance.

She shared her view in a post on Mumsnet in which she complained that getaways that last two weeks are simply too long to be enjoyable.

In her opinion, a 10 day summer holiday is more than enough time for a break, while also giving her time to relax at home before returning to work.

She wrote: "Every single time we go on a European sun/beach/villa/complex type holiday, we book it for 14 days and every single time I get to about day 10 and am fed up and want to be at home."

The mum said that while there was "nothing to complain about" on her holiday she wished she would be flying home early so she could have "a few days at home in my own bed before going back to work".

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She ended by saying: "I never feel like this on far flung holidays with a packed itinerary etc and holidays are always a few years between so I obviously forget and get all giddy with the booking."

While a few people did say they needed longer, a lot of people agreed with her that 10 days was the perfect length for a trip away.

One person also argued that it was better because of the money saved on accommodation and food costs.

They said: "Feeling smug as I am half way through a 10 day holiday.

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"Taken 2 weeks off work, could leisurely pack rather than racing to the airport.

"Will get home and have time to unpack, do laundry, get prepared for back to work. Also saves a bit on accommodation and food. 10 days is perfect."

Another agreed that it provided time to acclimatise back to home life before returning to the normal routine.

They said: "I was having this very conversation just today.

"10 days away but two weeks off work so you don't have that horrible jolt back into work the minute you get home! Lovely!"

A third said it provided the right amount of time for relaxation and to avoid family arguments.

They wrote: "Off this weekend for a 10 nighter – spot on for us as a family with teenagers!

"Enough time to enjoy it and not kill each other."

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