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A WOMAN has shared how she’s had to come up with a clever way of avoiding her nosy neighbours after they made sitting in her own garden a torturous task.

The homeowner and her partner were so fed up with their next door neighbours harassing them while they tried to relax that she turned to others for help – and she said their advice had worked wonders.

Opening up about her property predicament, the woman took to Reddit to explain how the family next to hers were grating on her. 

She explained: “My neighbours WOULD NOT let us spend time in our backyard without sucking up all our spare time with their chatter. 

“I know it seems excessive, but we are a time poor family. I work four days a week, my husband works full time, I study full time and we have a toddler. 

“In order to make it all work my husband and I work alternating days so we get only a few days off all together a month.”

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But instead of being able to get some much-deserved R&R in their outside space, she said their neighbours would bug them and talk about all the sad things that had been happening in their lives. 

Unable to think of a way out without coming across as intentionally rude, she asked others what they would do in her position. 

Many suggested that she and her partner should build a privacy fence to avoid their incessant chatter.

But as that was not an option for the family-of-three, she had to get inventive.  

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In an update, she revealed: “I read through everyone's comments (cheers btw) and while I can't construct a way to block their view of us I took the rest of your advice.

“I starved them of attention until we weren't a viable source anymore.”

She then revealed the big game changer had been simply putting in her headphones.

The lady continued: “Each time I went out I would smile, nod and then put my headphones in and carry on with what I needed to do. 

“I mowed the lawn, picked up dog poop, cleaned out garden beds, and played with the dog. It took about three months, but they got the message. 

My neighbours WOULD NOT let us spend time in our backyard without sucking up all our spare time with their chatter

“I was annoyed each time I had to go out because it felt like a chore stacked onto another chore. 

“Now I had to mow my lawn, but also ensure I didn't make eye contact with the fence I knew my neighbours were standing at desperately trying to get my attention so they could tell me about their latest bout of gastro.”

While she said it’s “still not comfortable” and “slow progress,” she maintained the situation had dramatically improved.

And now she hopes she’ll be able to enjoy the summer sun without being hounded.

She concluded: “It's nice that they aren't scrambling to run outside each time they hear us.

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“Hopefully once the weather warms up we'll be back to having backyard picnics.”

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