Passenger slams 'measly' vegetarian meal during 10-hour flight – but everyone is saying the same thing | The Sun

A PASSENGER was left fuming by what he was served on a recent long-haul flight.

The man was flying with United in Polaris – their business class – on a 10-hour flight from Amsterdam to Texas.

They wrote: "Wow United, thank you for my 5 pieces of lettuce and fruit on my 10-hour flight in Polaris…"

The picture showed a plate of salad with greens, tomatoes and other vegetabes, as well as a bowl of mixed fruit.

A slice of bread was included, along with a yoghurt, and olive oil.

However, people online had little sympathy – with many saying you can preselect your plane food.

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Oe person said: "OP definitely requested the incorrect meal and more than likely, breakfast, because that is when they typically serve fruit."

Someone else said: "If it's Polaris, you picked that meal. I'm sure there were options with a bit more substance."

A third agreed: "You ordered a salad. You got a salad. All Polaris meals come in roughly that sized plate."

Some people had sympathy, saying it looked "exceptionally bad" for a pre-ordered meal.

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It certainly isn't the worst meal a passenger has been served on a flight.

Last month, a passenger who ordered a vegan meal for their flight was instead served the "saddest plane food ever".

They wrote: "Reserved a vegan meal on my American Airlines flight. This is what they gave me."

The image showed a dry roll with two pieces of cucumber and tomato with a single piece of lettuce on it, and no dressing.

Lots of people on Reddit were just as stunned, with some calling it a "disgrace".

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