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A CLEANING EXPERT has revealed the 10 bad habits you need to stop making when it comes to getting your home spick and span.

Melissa Maker, from the US, is a professional cleaner and shared the errors your making on YouTube.

Melissa said a common mistake made is not reading the instructions.

She said: "There are many rules and regulations companies have to abide by when putting out a cleaning product.

"Plus, they want to make sure that when you receive it you're actually using it the way its attended it to be used."

Its worthwhile giving them a read to make sure you don't damage any surfaces or spending extra time cleaning that you don't have to.


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While you may think it's a good idea to use more product if a particular area is dirty, it could make the problem worse explained Melissa.

Now you'll have to spend more time cleaning as you need to spend more time rinsing off the cleaning product.

The cleaning whizz added that you should always make sure the tools you're using to clean are not dirty to begin with as you'll just be adding to the problem.

A big mistake people make when dusting is using a wet cloth, and you should avoid it all cost.

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"If it gets wet it becomes a streaky sort of paste that is hard to clean off," the cleaning expert added therefore, you should always use a dry cloth.

Melissa explained that you should never let clutter build up, so once you get a new item, make sure you throw the old one away ASAP.

On top of that, the cleaning whizz said you should never put cleaning off.

This way you'll have a much easier time cleaning without feeling overwhelmed.

However, Melissa said it's totally fine to take 'dwell time' while cleaning to give the product a chance to sink in and do all the hard work.

Lots of cleaning products need to sit for a while for them to work effectively, she added.

Plenty of people use a buffing motion when cleaning or polishing surfaces – but this can in fact spread dirt around the area.

Instead, the cleaning expert recommends making an S pattern so that you're never going over a surface you've just cleaned with more dirt.

Instead of placing your toilet brush straight into its container after cleaning the toilet, you should allow it to dry so it doesn't build up loads of germs.

Melissa recommends placing it on the rim of your cleaned toilet so that any residual water from the brush can dry off and fall into the toilet bowl.

Lastly, Melissa recommends always having a plan on what to tackle first when cleaning.

Melissa uses the three wave method, decluttering, cleaning and then focus on floors and bins.

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