Act ‘immediately’ to save your lawn from moss – 5 tips

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Most lawns need around four hours of sunlight each day to survive and stay healthy, however as we head into autumn and the days get shorter, this can be difficult to achieve for many lawns. Whether your lawn is in the shade for the majority of the day, or some parts of your lawn have minimal access to sunlight, there are ways you can help to support your garden. Here, Carlos Real, Lawn Care Expert and Managing Director of TotalLawn, explained all for

Sunlight is important for your lawn as it provides the grass with the energy it needs to grow and be healthy. A lack of sunlight will not only make your lawn patchy and pale, but it will also weaken the grass and in some cases cause it to die.

If parts of your lawn are in the shade, then there are plenty of jobs you can do to prevent the lack of sunlight from damaging it.

Autumn lawn care essentials

Minimal mowing

Mowing has a bigger part to play than just trimming the lawn when it comes to your lawn care regime. The length in which you cut your grass will affect the process of photosynthesis and the overall health of the grass plant.

For areas of your lawn covered by the shade, you should mow half an inch higher in comparison to the areas in the sun, as leaving the length of your lawn higher will give the grass plant more area to capture the limited sunlight available.

Don’t overdo it with the watering can

Although the shaded areas of your lawn will still need watering, it’s important not to overdo it. Lawns in shaded areas can hold moisture for longer compared to parts of your lawn that have access to sunlight.

If you overwater your shaded lawn, you’re at risk of a waterlogged lawn, so it’s best to only water it as and when it’s needed.

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Trim bushes and trees

If the reason your lawn is shaded is from an overgrown bush or tree – the simple solution is to cut it! This will enable your lawn to see the sunlight.

Reduce the nitrogen

Shaded lawns should always be fed in autumn before the leaves begin to fall. You should be switching to an autumn/winter feed and using half the amount of nitrogen on your shaded areas than you would where the lawn gets sunlight.

A higher dose of phosphorus and potassium can also be used to help support healthy growth for those days when sunlight is even more limited.

See moss, remove moss

Moss grows on shaded areas of the lawn, especially as the weather gets cooler. Moss thrives in dark and damp conditions so often outperforms the grass plant in shaded areas.

As moss can kill your lawn, it’s important that you remove it immediately and keep an eye on it throughout the autumn and winter months.

There are many ways in which you can support your lawn when it gets limited sunlight, however, if you are finding it hard to keep your lawn healthy and it’s getting almost no sunlight, then it might be a good idea to think about repurposing that part of your garden, such as laying some patio down or adding some furniture in a specific area.

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