I used to work at Disney World and here's how you can get into the parks before everyone else

AN ex-Disney employee has revealed how to get into the parks ahead of everyone else.

Long queues are inevitable when you go somewhere as popular as the Disney parks, but this tip can help you skip the first queue of the day by getting in early.

Tiktok user Taylor, who uses the handle @tay_johnston, is an ex-Disney employee and big Disney fan.

She advises visitors to arrive at the parks 45 minutes before they are scheduled to open as they often open early.

That way, you'll be the first people in the parks and won't have to queue to get on the first ride of the day.

She says to head straight to the most popular rides as they are the ones that have particularly long wait times so are the best to get done early.

She said: "Last week I went to Disney and all four parks opened 45 minutes early.

"Disney regulars call this 'rope dropping' – it's just when you are among the first group of people to walk into a park on any given day.

"It's worth is for rides that have historically long wait times, like Splash Mountain, Flight of Passage or Slinky Dog Dash."

The video has racked up nearly 80,000 views, with some people commenting on how they've used the tip.

One person commented: "When I was younger we got there so early we got to open the park and ride two rides before it opened."

Another person wrote: "I was there last week – can't believe how early they opened the gates."

And someone else wrote: "Yes! We love to rope drop!!"

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