How to keep your bag safe from pickpockets this summer – and it costs just 60p | The Sun

A KEEN traveller has revealed her trick for keeping bags safe from pickpockets this summer.

Backpacker Kylie shared her 60p hack for anyone travelling with a fanny pack on TikTok.

The 30-year-old who is currently travelling around the world pointed out that many of the bags have clips – which could easily be opened by thieves.

But she came up with a way to stop pickpockets from getting their hands on her valuables.

She explained: “So here’s a little tip for people that might be travelling with a belt bag or a fanny pack – whatever you want to call it.

“Often these bags have a little clip on them. Sometimes they might be around the back but right now if you just click the button it will fall off.

“So here's what I do just to secure it a little bit extra for my own peace of mind.

“For me, I attached a little carabiner to part of the strap. Then I sewed a little bit of elastic around that part there.

“This way I can clip it and put the carabiner through the elastic so then if it unclips it's held by the carabiner."

Anyone wishing to follow the hack can easily buy a five-pack of carabiners on Amazon for just £2.89 – working at less than 60p each.

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Kylie added: “It’s extra security for me. If somebody tries to nick it then it's an extra bit they have to get through and I also have it close to my body as well so it's not on the outside.”

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