Bloke gets a ‘to do list’ tattoo on hand — but people point out error

A bloke, who wanted to become more organised, came up with a creative way to keep track of everything he needs to do.

Robert decided to get a “to-do list” tattooed on his palm thinking the inking would be “useful” in his daily life.

The unique design included five lines and tick boxes at the end for when he had completed tasks — but not everyone is convinced it’s a good idea.

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In the clip, which gained more than half a million views, tattoo artist @lukeaashley was seen applying a template of the checklist to the palm of the bloke's hand.

The artist then went over the temporarily stained skin with his tattoo gun and black ink.

Luke wrote in the caption on Instagram: "To-do list for Robert. Practical palm tattoos. Can’t wait to see this in action."

But the design left people divided they took to the comments to give their opinions.

Some users thought it was a creative solution to his problem as one user wrote: "Genius."

Another added: "Corrr I’d need about 6 hands for the size of my current to-do list. This is cleaaaaan asssss! Killing it as per Luke.

A third commented: "He literally has his day controlled in the palm of his hand."

However, the inking didn’t go well with all viewers as some users thought it was "unnecessary" and that it wouldn't look good forever.

A user penned: "It will look like s*** in a year or two already."

Another joked: "To do: Book a tattoo removal."

"No one. No one needs this," a third said.

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A fourth quipped: "Plot twist. He's left-handed and only just realised he can't write on it."

Others even took to the comments warning the bloke that palm tattoos fade really quickly – with some suggesting it wouldn't last more than a few weeks.

"Don't palm tattoos fade really quickly? My tattoo artist refuses to do finger or palm tattoos because he says they look crappy after a while and he doesn't want his name associated with them.," a follower warned.

Another added: "This tattoo will be gone within a month, they don't stay on the palms or bottom of your feet…"

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