People are just realising they’ve been adding butter to their popcorn wrong

Butter is to popcorn at cinemas as cream is to coffee in the US — Americans just can't seem to get enough of the topping.

Movie fans are often seen lining up at the topping station to add the hot and salty liquid on top of their crunchy snacks.

But many people may have been doing it wrong this whole time after a bloke shared a hack to ensure the buttery deliciousness properly covers his staple cinema snack.

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Ryan Pownall, the host of the Pillow Talk podcast, was filmed preparing his popcorn while heading into the 'movie theatre' when he shared "the only life hack that matters".

In the clip, which gained more than 8,000 views, he explained that if you only add the butter on the top then you only get a few mouthfuls of buttery goodness.

However, he claims to have a simple hack to get it further down in your bucket – and all you need is a straw.

"You come to the movie theatres, we'll face the same issue," Pownall explained.

"The butter goes on the top after eight good bites. It's over. Not true.

"You take a straw, you stick it on the buttery machine, you stick it in your popcorn and you distribute it to the bottom of your popcorn."

TikTok viewers were left stunned as many people hadn't realised they had been adding the topping wrong.

One user wrote: "He's a genius."

Another added: "Cool video."

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Although, not everyone was impressed with the hack as one critic penned: "I’ve seen so many people get sick after trying this tho."

Another suggested: "Or you just ask the person taking your order to layer the butter for you lmao."

A third asked: "But why tf do u put butter un your popcorn ?!?"

To which, Ryan replied: "Are you serious?"

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