Brits facing big fines in Majorca for drinking in the street just like tough crackdown in Amsterdam | The Sun

BRITS could face big fines in Majorca if they get caught downing drinks in the street.

Hoteliers on the Spanish isle have called for the tough restrictions after Amsterdam saw success in its crackdown on "anti-social tourists".

Majorca is a popular UK holiday destination and has seen is fair share of questionable behaviour in past summers.

As a result, a group of fed up hospitality business owners are lobbying the local mayor Jaime Martínez to propose a booze ban.

It would involve cops policing alcohol consumption on the streets and at the beach.

And if tourists don't abide they could face fines up to £123 and a criminal record, as per Amsterdam city council regulations.


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Pedro Marín, president of the Playa de Palma hoteliers association, is leading the crusade after he claimed tourism was suffering.

He told Majorca Daily Bulletin the initiative was to promote high-standards and end "bad behaviour" on the island.

He said: "We are going to advise the mayor to apply the same municipal regulations that exist in Amsterdam, where heavy fines are imposed on those who consume alcohol on the streets.

"That city has managed to eradicate the problem.

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"We believe that this can be done here, but there has been a lack of political will.

"There is a lot of permissiveness on the streets and this has to end."

Marín claimed Brits would clean up their act if they faced punitive measures.

He added: "The only language that antisocial tourists understand is fines.

"It is the legal way to eradicate a type of tourism that nobody wants.

"The town hall must amend municipal ordinance so that it can act forcefully.

"If the fines are applied and collected immediately, this will have a direct impact on the German and British press, and the type of tourism that nobody wants will no longer come in order to get drunk and create a bad image.

"In two years this problem could be eliminated."

Marín also aimed to ramp up security in the area, calling for a bigger presence from the Palma police patrolling the streets.

He will meet with Martínez this month to present his plan.

He said: "We have high hopes because he knows our problems.

"For the past 25 years, we have invested in improvements in order to be more competitive.

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"It is logical that the town hall takes a qualitative leap to complement this business commitment to quality and to improving the image of the main mature tourist area in Majorca.

"We want to be a first-class resort."

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