You’re cooking rice wrong – simple hack saves time and makes it super fluffy

A chef revealed how to cook perfect rice while cutting the cooking time right down.

Rice is a staple side dish in many households across the UK, but it can take a good 25 minutes to cook in some cases.

And – at the moment – we are all trying to use less energy to save money with the cost of living continuing to rise.

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Opting to cook on the hob can be more cost-effective than using appliances such as the oven, but if you have a big family and cook a lot, the bills can soon build up.

To help people be more energy savvy @chef_tristan_welch shared a video on TikTok to explain how to make super fluffy rice at a much speedier pace.

Since he posted the video it's been viewed over 735,000 times, and has tallied up more than 50,000 likes.

In the video, he lifts up a packet of rice that takes 15 minutes to cook on the hob.

During the clip, he said: "Let's save money by not following the instructions.

"This is energy-saving rice – let's cut the cooking time by one third."

Tristan starts by putting the rice in a bowl, filling it with water and then rinsing it out.

He said you should always do this before you cook the rice but – and here's the clever part – if you repeat the process three times until the water goes clear it'll help you out big time.

This is because it helps to rid the starchy dust, which causes the rice to become sticky.

He continued: "Pop it on the stove and cover with water.

"Make sure the water is one knuckle above the level of rice. Crank it up to the maximum heat."

As the water begins to boil you can take the heat down to the lowest possible setting, and then pop a tea towel below the lid of the pan with care.

Make sure you tuck it into the sides, and allow it to simmer for 10 minutes.

When it's all cooked you should be left with "perfectly cooked rice" that's both light and fluffy.

People were quick to take to the comments section to thank the chef for his top tips.

One person said: "Love this mate!"

Meanwhile, another commented: "Been cooking rice like this for years."

Another person chirped in: "Or bring to the boil and turn off heat altogether. Takes a few mins more but doesn't cost any more."


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