The 16 best reactions, tweets and memes to this week’s big TV moments

From Pamela, A Love Story to The Last Of Us, here are the TV shows that everyone is talking about right now… 

It’s been a very good week for TV, hasn’t it? 

The streaming platforms have kept us all busy (and wholly satisfied) with the likes of Dear Edward, Physical: 100 or Pamela, A Love Story, while the terrestrial channels have gifted us such treasures as Nolly and Happy Valley. And Sky, too, has delivered the goods once again with the critically acclaimed The Last Of Us.

But what are people saying about all of these juicy TV shows? Here, we round up the best memes and reactions that Twitter has to offer, for you to enjoy over a cuppa.

Pamela, A Love Story

Over on Netflix, people have been obsessively streaming episodes of Pamela, A Love Story – a raw and powerful documentary about the life of Pamela Anderson. In it, the pop culture icon addresses the controversial Pam & Tommy miniseries that was released on Disney+ last year, opens up about her passion for animal activism (she successfully lobbied for Vladimir Putin to ban seal hunting in Russia) and painfully recalls two major incidents of sexual abuse from her childhood.

Understandably, people were moved by Anderson’s story, and many took to Twitter to share their support with her from afar:

The Last Of Us 

Elsewhere, Sky and NOW’s The Last Of Us delivered the most beautiful (and tragic) love story that has ever graced our TV screens. Focused on Bill (Nick Offerman), a hardened survivalist who transforms an abandoned hamlet into a zombie-proof fortress, it sees him joined by Frank (Murray Bartlett), a lone traveller who pleads Bill to give him a meal before he continues on his journey.

Before long, though, the pair fall in love – and we watch as their relationship deepens and develops over the course of 20 long years together, before… well, before it ends with absolute heartbreak.

Obviously, viewers were left broken by the episode:


Over on ITV,Russell T Davies and Helena Bonham Carter joined forces to bring us Nolly, whichchronicles the rise and fall of Noele Gordon, who was one of the most famous faces on British television in the 60s and 70s.

It did the job so well, in fact, that plenty of people who’d never even heard of Gordon found themselves loyal fans by the time the credits had rolled on the very first episode:

Physical: 100

Meanwhile, Physical: 100 – a new Netflix reality television series shot in South Korea – sees 100 competitors go head-to-head against each other in various individual and team challenges of strength, agility and strategy.

And, as one might expect from this sort of Squid Game meets Gladiator mash-up, it proved a hit over on social media:

Dear Edward

Over on Apple TV+, we were busy streaming the first three episodes Dear Edward. Which, for those who haven’t streamed it yet, sees a 12-year-old boy become the lone survivor of a plane crash and features some powerhouse performances by the likes of Colin O’Brien, Taylor Schilling, Connie Britton and more.

So, yes, you better believe we cried. A lot.

Happy Valley

Sarah Lancashire’s police procedural is the biggest thing on the BBC right now. Fact. Indeed, the first episode of this series of Happy Valley has been watched by 11.3 million people so far, as revealed by 30 Days All Screens data.

It has also, incidentally, been the biggest on-demand title across all platforms in the UK so far this year. And, naturally, everyone is on tenterhooks for the finale this Sunday, which will see the series – and Catherine Cawood’s story – end forever. 

Of course, then, everyone has fan theories coming out of their ears… as well as observations aplenty about the most recent episode:

And one last thing…

Finally, we all need to come to terms with the fact that Adam Scott, Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman – all of whom are Parks And Recreation alumni – are positively dominating our TV screens right now.

In fact, they deserve all the awards ever for their scene-stealing performances in Severance, The White Lotus and The Last Of Us respectively.

Or as this person puts it:

Until next week, then.

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