Dean reported for domestic violence in shocking Home and Away scenes

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is rushed to hospital after falling down the stairs at Salt, and once she arrives all she can think about is the baby.

Meanwhile, Dean (Patrick O’Connor) is reacting to the situation by being overprotective. Bree (Juliet Godwin) enters the mix, trying to calm Ziggy down. She asks Dean to back off, but he reacts by being combative due to his distress.

The baby is given the all-clear after the ultrasound, but Bree notices some bleeding when Ziggy gets up from the bed. This only distresses Dean more, and after she has received the all-clear, Ziggy starts apologising to her boyfriend for not being careful. Meanwhile, Dean continues with his overprotective attitude.

Bree overhears their conversation, and misreads the situation. Still affected by her domestic violence ordeal with Jacob, she starts overanalysing. She tells Ziggy to stay overnight for observation, and Dean goes home to prepare her an overnight bag. While she has Ziggy alone, Bree questions her about her home life.

Her alarm bells begin going off when she notices bruises on Ziggy’s leg. She asks how Ziggy got the injury, and gets suspicious when the mechanic says she must have done it on the job in the garage. She says that Dean is always telling her to be careful, and this statement convinces Bree that Ziggy is being abused.

Springing into action, Bree calls the police and reports Dean for domestic abuse. Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) shows up at the hospital, and is shocked that it’s Dean whom Bree is talking about.

However, he has to do his job, and Dean is arrested. Dean immediately gets combative, and an alarmed Ziggy calls out to him as he is taken down to the police station…

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