Valentine's Day gifts for the Scorpio in your life

You don’t want to upset a Scorpio.

Those born between October 23 to November 21 under the Zodiac sign are fierce, independent, and deeply emotional.

So this Valentine’s Day, you’re going to want to hit the nail on the mark.

If your significant other is a Scorpio, you’ll want to go for items that are intimate, technologically-savvy, and indulgent.

Conveniently, we’ve rounded up some of these items that may make ideal presents this lovers’ weekend.

We’ve even thrown in a few pandemic-friendly numbers that are both useful and gift-worthy.

Relux Premium 100% Natural Bamboo Bath Caddy Bridge, £37.99, Amazon

Scorpios are tough-minded, determined people. That means hectic schedules, and carrying the world on their shoulders. So they need plenty of down time too.

This bath caddy will achieve just that, reminding our beloved Scorpios to take some time out for themselves.

Zodiac LED Light, £29.00, Urban Outfitters

This cutesy decor is ideal for Scorpios or any other star signs. Perfect for those who are especially in tune with their Zodiac.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Rabbit and Vibrator Set, £15, Nasty Gal

Everyone knows Scorpio is a sexy sign. Give them something that they can enjoy by themselves or with a partner this Valentine’s.

Black contrast binding-detail cut-out mesh lingerie, £20, PrettyLittleThing

Continuing the theme of sexy, this one is ideal for Scorpios to unleash their inner sex God while also providing a treat for their partner.

NING GEGE lingerie, £22.99-£40.90, Amazon

Amazon also has plenty of lingerie options too which, coupled with a Prime account, can get delivered to account holders by the next day.

GHOST Beauty Box/Draw Set, £35,14, Amazon

Transformation is a huge theme for Scorpios, whether physical, spiritual or aesthetic-wise. The pandemic may have our resident powerhouse feeling a little jaded.

A beauty gift box might be the perfect gift to perk them up.

Scorpio Zodiac Healing Crystals & Sage Smudge Kit, £14.99, Etsy

Being a Scorpio is about rebirth, magic, and healing. This set can help to prevent low and bad energy, release blocked energy, and transform the aura of the body.

Lebi’s Red Tab crew, £60, Levi’s

Like other signs, Scorpios crave comfort as they do adventure. The pandemic has made it extremely easy to revel in the former. So why not do it in matching style?

BaByliss Air Style 4 in 1 hair dryer styler , £58.64, Amazon

Another gift to aid physical transformation.

Cath Kidston Hand Cream Trio, £6.99, Amazon

Scorpio or not, everyone needs these little creams to ward off pandemic hands – with all the hand-washing we’re doing.

Gourmandise macarons box of 24, £55, Selfridges

Being as fierce and independent takes a lot of work. Scorpios also need those treats from loved ones to remind them they are cherished. Macaroons definitely can’t hurt.

Couples Love Heart Cork Art, £41.90, Notonthehighstreet

This is another sweet treat which benefits both partners. And you get to keep the piece for future events. Yum.

The Winter Walk package, £42, Dontbuyherflowers

You don’t need to be a Scorpio to appreciate this one as it’s bound to be universally loved.

Bathtime Indulgence Luxury Pamper Gift Box, £45, Notonthehighstreet

Remember what we said about Scorpios needing comfort? This is another option to help them unwind.

Create a gift package, various, Dontbuyherflowers

And if you know your Scorpio very well, you can design your own package.

Self Heating Smart Mug, £129.95, Selfridges

Those with the scorpion sign will love high-tech gadgets that others don’t have. And how many people do you know that have a self-heating mug?

True Wireless Earbuds, £59.99, Belkin

Another gadget that most people may have but with different (popular) brands such as Apple and Samsung. Belkin has the sleek features of Airpods but is a lesser known brand.

Personalised Magazine Style Reasons Why puzzle, £34.95, Notonthehighstreet

This gift is personal and gives you something to do together. You’ll know your Scorpio well and can tailor the puzzle to a message of your choice. A sure win.

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