This is bananas: Woman sees her dog’s face in a slice of fruit

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This is a public service announcement.

We have just entered a new COVID-19 pandemic quarantine phase: Seeing pets’ faces in fruit, according to dog owner Paige Spagnuolo — who can no longer erase the memory of her Pekingese’s puckered face in a banana slice.

The 29-year-old architect from Michigan was surfing social media when she spotted Vincenzo, a k a her pooch Vinny, inside the bowl of someone else’s balanced breakfast.

Vinny, 4, has since gone viral over the “uncanny” resemblance, according to Caters News Agency.

“As soon as I saw the picture of that person’s porridge, I knew exactly which photo I had of Vinny that looked like the banana slice — it was hilarious,” she said.

“I just saw it while I was scrolling and I had to comment to say that it looked exactly like a photo of my dog,” she added. “It’s so coincidental that I managed to come across it and it really put a smile on my face.”

Paige stitched a side-by-side image of her dog and the fruit-laden cereal and shared it with a Facebook group for dog lovers.

“It was so crazy when I posted it on a dog-related Facebook page because the likes surged the second I put it up,” she said. “I didn’t realize that other people would find it as uncanny as I did.”

“I just thought that it was so funny that some people commented that they actually thought the banana was a dog because they didn’t have their glasses on,” she added.

Some found the dog-banana likeness so jarring they accused her of using Photoshop, Spagnuolo said.

“I thought it was a little bit more of a challenge for others to see Vinny in the banana, but it seems that everyone was on the same wavelength as me, which is really funny,” she said.

Increasingly, pet owners have displayed worrying behavior concerning animals, likely prompted by months of life under coronavirus lockdown. A recent trend reveals humans inexplicably bestowing their new pets with names inspired by COVID-19, such as “Rona” or “Covi.”

Veterinarians have said that humans’ declining health last year may be rubbing off on our pets. A spike in weight gain among pets was reported last year, indicating that parents’ poor dietary choices while in quarantine may be impacting their pets.

Meanwhile, significant separation anxiety is expected among pets as humans return to work outside the home.

In another bizarre case, a woman who may have been maddened by financial restraints caused by pandemic restrictions began imitating “man’s best friend” on TikTok — in a scheme to get money, mostly from men. She’s been seen eating dog food, playing fetch and doing dog tricks — and raking in about $10,000 per month by doing so.

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