Sophie, Countess of Wessex’s ‘calm’ and ‘stoic’ body language similar to Queen Elizabeth’s

Sophie Wessex speaks to women from the Commonwealth

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex joined the Royal Family in 1999 when she tied the knot with Prince Edward after announcing their engagement the same year. The Countess has been a working royal ever since.

Now having been in the Royal Family for more than 20 years, Sophie is well used to her duties within the firm.

Sophie will also often present awards and attend events on behalf of the Queen.

The royal couple also have many interests in different charities and organisations which they will often attend events for.

However throughout the pandemic they have swapped in-person meetings for virtual video calls.

As well as being seen together, the couple also have separate interests and Sophie will often appear on her own.

Speaking to, body language expert Judi James explained that the royal has similar body language to the Queen.

She said: “With her calm, unflappable and rather down-to-earth body language signals, Sophie appears to have hit what sales and marketing folk call the ‘sweet spot’ in terms of producing the right type of royalty during both the pandemic and the recent crisis in the Firm.

“Her non-verbal signals are self-effacing enough to suggest this new role of star in the line-up has been unexpected but not unwelcome by Sophie. 

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“Her more stoic approach is rather old-fashioned, mirroring the Queen rather than setting new standards like some of the younger royals, but it is a perfect fit for a country that is in need of some quiet stability and good sense.

“Sophie has always projected a form of quiet confidence but placed under the media and public glare again she seems to have adapted quickly in terms of taking that confidence up to a much higher level.”

The expert added that Sophie’s confidence has grown over her years in the Royal Family.

Judi explained: “Her direct eye-connect signals with the cameras make her look both unwary and unafraid of the public. 

“She also looks healthily keen to be popular on her own terms rather than as either a celebrity royal or a fashion plate.

“It’s Sophie’s lack of change that suggests a huge amount of inner strength but on top of that her skills as a public and video speaker and her unfazed approach to all the camera attention suggest some new levels of growing confidence that she seems to have taken in her stride.”

One of the most recent appearances from Sophie was when she spoke to three women from around the Commonwealth to mark both Commonwealth Day and International Women’s Day.

The video call with the royal discussed the importance of supporting one another as well as sharing skills and how better outcomes are achieved when women are equally represented.

At the time, Judi revealed that her body language mimicked the Queen’s on-screen presence.

She added: “Sophie’s rather lengthy appearance during the Commonwealth Celebrations did seem to reflect the level of esteem she is held in by the Queen currently. 

“She also created a similar on-screen presence to the Queen in terms of body language and mood, with both women seen on video calls wearing smiles of pure keenness and delight and creating a very motivational presence via some keen active listening signals.”

The body language expert previously highlighted how Sophie is protective of her children through her body signals.

She said: “Sophie’s body language with her children has always suggested a very proud and subtly protective approach from a mother keen to grow their confidence by setting her own strong example.

“Sophie always looks energetic and jolly in a family group, often walking slightly ahead with an air of upbeat determination that should make her a role model for both her husband and her children.”

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