Slim model admits plus size brands made her wear padded fat suits for shoots

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A model has shared a “secret from the modelling industry”.

Karoline Bjørnelykke, from Norway, admitted she’s been styled with padding to enhance her curves.

She wears a European size 38/40, which is equivalent to a UK size 10/12.

But despite her slim frame, she's deemed to be "plus size" in the eyes of the fashion industry.

Karoline has modelled XL and 5XL clothing over the years – and has even worn a fat suit to do jobs in the past.

On her @coolquinn TikTok page, she explained: “If you have eyes, you can see I’m not that size. So how do we fix this problem?

“Well, I have to bring something called padding to work, which basically is a fat suit in pieces.”

To make the clothes fit to her padded body perfectly, stylists often pin them perfectly in position.

Karoline said: “So if the clothes look really good from the front, it probably looks like s**t from the back.

“It's because they want the neck and the face to look really slim and sharp, which doesn't just create unrealistic standards but impossible ones.

“My suggestion is just use real plus-sized women because there are so many gorgeous plus-sized women out there.”

People thanked the model for speaking so openly about her career.

One commenter remarked: “The model industry really hate plus sized models.”

Another said: “Unfortunately this is something that has been going on for years. So glad you shed light.”

And a third aded: “This is so sad. We are definitely not there yet when it comes to representation in that industry.”

Even though Karoline has been pressured to wear padding on shoots in the past, it is something she refuses to do nowadays.

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