You’ve been curling your hair all wrong – and it’s making them drop MUCH quicker than they should

WITH 2022 only a few hours away, it's high time we started getting ready for the big celebrations.

If you're still stuck as to what to do with your hair, this guru has the perfect answer – a blowout that looks as if it's been done at the salon.

While it is the ultimate go-to when you can't pick between different hairstyles, this classic is also time-consuming and tricky to do on yourself.

Luckily, the Instagram-famous hairstylist, @mattloveshair, knows what to do and shared the simple trick.

He asked: "Who else already knows they won’t have more than 10 minutes to do their own hair for the holidays?''


If that's you – whether due to working late or other commitments – grab some velcro rollers and a round brush.

The hair guru also strongly recommend using a flat iron – this will make for extra silky and smooth hair.

It is also vital to apply heat protectant before you begin creating the look – this woman brilliantly used a slice of toast to demonstrate what happens to your hair if you skip this step.

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Once all set, your rollers should be ready to take out after 20 minutes – but the longer you leave it, the better; you can also do your make-up in the meantime.

''I finish it off with dry shamp,'' added Matt.

''Dry shampoo for the win!,'' commented a fan.

Another one agreed: ''Love this!!''

There were also some viewers who weren't so convinced, like this one: ''Love this but wouldn’t it take just as much time??''

Others weren't so sure on using dry shampoo, with one writing: ''Why does dry shampoo make dark hair look dull and powdery?

''Gave up on it years ago….''

''Plz do tell why we should finish it off with dry shamp !!?'' a confused viewer asked.

Meanwhile, this hairdresser shows off ‘dusting’ technique for women who want to keep long hair – but people hate the idea.

Plus, learn how wash your hair properly – this is the correct way to get really silky locks.

Also, mum shares tip to get Barbie’s matted hair smooth again & it’s really simple.

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