‘My girlfriend wants me remove the tattoo of my dead son’s name on my chest’

A man and his girlfriend were at loggerheads when the topic of tattoo removal came up.

In an anonymous Reddit post, the 26-year-old man revealed his son tragically passed away when he was born prematurely.

The devastated dad loved the tot “from the minute he was born” and wanted to pay tribute to him.

So he decided to get his son’s name tattooed onto his chest to serve as a permanent reminder of his life.

While his ex-girlfriend supported this idea eight years ago, his new partner isn’t as pleased about the tattoo.

According to the Mirror, she can’t stand seeing the tatt because the name is shared with her abusive ex-partner.

The man explained: “She says it’s been bothering her for a while, didn’t wanna say anything before because she thought she would get over it.

“(Her ex) was horrible, like pure evil and she went through a lot to get him out of her life permanently."

As she feels triggered by the tattoo, the woman asked her partner to get it removed.

The Redditor added: "My girlfriend says she knows it’s my son’s name and all but times when we’re at the beach and I’m shirtless or we’re showering together or about to get into it, she sees my tattoo and her mind goes to him.

"I told her I don’t wanna have it removed. It means something to me having my son’s name on me because he’s not a part of my life in any other way.”

While the bloke tried to be “understanding” about the situation, his girlfriend is “mad” he won’t get the inking removed.

He said: "She said she thought after being open and honest about her feelings that I’d take that into consideration and I’m being an a** basically for not wanting to give her this comfort at least but I don’t know what I could do.

"My son’s name happened to be her ex’s too. We can’t change that and still like to keep my boy’s name."

He asked users whether he was being unreasonable for refusing to have the tattoo removed and it divided opinions.

While the majority of people agreed that she has no control over his body, others said they could understand how hard it must be for her to see the name all the time.

One person said: "That really sucks for your girlfriend but she doesn’t have jurisdiction of your body and your trauma and pain are just as valid as hers."

Another said: "She needs to find forgiveness in herself or things like this will continue to control her.

"The name never hurt her, the man did, and if she can’t make that connection then it might be over for the relationship."

Whilst a third said: "I went through the same thing and I had to get over it. I cringe still but if you choose to live in the past you aren't living life."

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