‘In the Sun’ Trailer: Kerry Washington Helps Shine Spotlight on Skin Cancer (EXCLUSIVE)

The first official trailer for “In the Sun,” a documentary executive produced by Kerry Washington, has landed.

The documentary, which will premiere on April 27 for streaming and on-demand, highlights seven families who face the consequences of living life in the sun. It spotlights an array of characters from all walks of life bound by a common experience, including Courtney, a 27-year-old battling skin health challenges while her husband serves overseas, and Stu, a sprightly senior who uses storytelling to enlighten others on the evolution of sun exposure education. Throughout the film, Dr. Chi shares her mission to educate and treat patients while balancing how to protect her own children from the sun.

Executive produced by Washington, “In the Sun” is the first film from Neutrogena Studios, a new content initiative from the skincare brand as it moves beyond telling product stories. Its studios aim to create projects that educate, entertain and affect positive change.

Washington, who has been a spokesperson for the company since 2014, says: “I started working with Neutrogena because I knew it was a company that put health on the same level as beauty—and Neutrogena Studios is exact proof of that. “’In the Sun’ is both powerful and empowering, a testament to the impact that real stories, shot from a diverse range of perspectives, can have on inspiring necessary health outcomes. I’m really looking forward to sharing the film with everyone and seeing future projects coming out of Neutrogena Studios.”

It is currently making rounds on the festival circuit and won the award for best environmental short documentary at the Seattle Film Festival.

Watch the trailer below.

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