Iceland launches divisive new Christmas dinner side dish – shoppers are having a Marmite reaction | The Sun

ICELAND has launched a new side dish in time for the Christmas dinner and shoppers have reacted to it in the same way as Marmite.

The high street food retailer has launched “luxury sprouts wrapped in bacon” leaving people sharply divided.

Marmite’s advertising campaigns centre around people either loving or hating the savoury spread and now people are reacting in a similar way to the latest Brussel sprouts offering.

Just a few days ago the Newfoodsuk group posted an image on its Facebook page highlighting the product, leaving people firmly entrenched in either the love or hate camp.

The post has had a huge reaction, picking up some 3,500 reactions – not all of them ‘likes’ – and around 4,600 comments.

Many people went online to give the side dish the thumbs up.

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One person wrote: “Yes please, heaven I love both so to have them together yummy.”

While another said: “Oh I'd love those I love sprouts and bacon.”

And a third added: “They look lush I love sprouts.”

But while there were many supporters, there were also a large number who were dead set against the foodie offering.

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One commentator firmly in the hate camp chipped in with: “Give me a bag I’m going to be sick.”

Another backed that up with: “I don’t think so I hate sprouts.”

And someone else commented: “Sounds lovely apart from the sprouts.”

Although another member of the group summed things up for many, posting: “It's like Marmite u love it or hate it.”

Earlier this year, it was found that a spoonful of Marmite in the mornings can help relieve stress.

Meanwhile, a gran has confessed she dreads Christmas Day because she has a phobia about Brussel sprouts.

It turns out that there is a scientific explanation as to why so many people find Brussel sprouts revolting.

The veg are actually called Brussels sprouts.

If you want to give this rich, creamy, cheese-laden Brussels sprouts gratin dish a go, here’s how to make it.

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