I'm a 36G and found a strapless bra that feels supportive – it passes the jump test and I'm not spilling out of the top | The Sun

THE search for a strapless bra that supports her 36G boobs has ended for one delighted woman.

To prove its effectiveness, she put it to the ultimate trial, the jump test.

It came through a winner on all fronts. But there was one detail that Angie Roman (@allisonandmommy) was even more thrilled about.

There was zero spillage out of the top, making this bra even more wearable.

Angie is a New York City-based content creator and has 112,000 followers on her TikTok.

There was a lot of interest in her post, attracting over 18,000 likes, as she reviewed a Delimira strapless bra available from Amazon for $27.

She was invited to try the bra out and she did so with enthusiasm.

“I’m a 36G. [They] claim this can hold the girls up and they stay in place all day."

First, she examined it straight out of the packaging and the early signs were good.

“It has four clamps on it for extra support. It has extra banding to help the bra stay in place and it has removable straps," she said.

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Once it was on, it was time for the jump test, and she did it with some vigor.

She looked very pleased with the result:“I’m not going to lie, I feel pretty supported."

But she had some sizing advice: “I did get a 34 instead of a 36 band.

"Typically with a strapless bra, when you put it on, [make sure] that the clamps are on the last one because over time the bra will stretch.

"The last thing you want to do is for it to oversize on you."

So, she figured it was best to go down a size: "If you think you’re 36, go down to a 34. If you think you’re 34, go down to 32."

Standing sideways on to the camera, she was really taken by the smooth silhouette.

“One thing I will say is I love this. The seamless look. Most strapless bras have you spilling over the top and then people can see it when you wear tight clothing.

"This doesn't do that," she said summing up her experience. And, as for the jump test: "She stayed up.”

That was thanks to another design detail: “It has a silicone lining to stop it sliding down.”

It was a hit with reviewers on Amazon, with one being compelled to write: “This is by far the best bra I have ever worn. Best strapless. I feel so secure and comfortable."

Some commenters said they had been duly influenced.

“The jump sold," admitted one person.

Another said: “I've never ordered something so quickly.”

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This fan didn't hang around: “The first time I’ve been influenced by TikTok. Mine is on its way."

It was the jump factor for this viewer: “I ain’t ever been influenced as fast with the jumping. Just bought it.”

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