I transformed my drab, smokers yellow bathroom for under £10 using bargains buys and a steal from B&Q | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER’S clever trick completely transformed the look of her bathroom and it costs under £10 to do it yourself.

Brittany (31) a social media marketer originally from Florida but now living with her English fiancé in Birmingham, UK, decided to try spray-painting her bath tub which she described as an unpleasant shade of “smoker’s lung yellow”.

Firstly, she taped protective sheets of plastic on the wall tiles and inside the bath which was still white and didn’t need painting.

Brittany then filled in tiny cracks in her tub with caulk which can be bought for under £1.50.

With the windows wide open and the fan on for ventilation, she began spray-painting with Rust-Oleum Superior Direct To Plastic spray paint in white gloss which retails for under £7.00 online.

“I learned that I am terrible at spray-painting,” she said.

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“It was my first time doing it and I found it very challenging to get an even coat but with enough layers I think it turned out pretty alright.”

Amazingly, when she was finished it looked as good as new and she shared the results on social media, with impressed viewers promising to attempt the same trick.

One admirer said: “Oh my, I love this video. My back door PVC has also discoloured so I’m going to do the same thing.”

Another said: “That’s the exact spray paint I used on my bath panel. Three years later and it still looks brand new.”

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“Made a big difference for such a small thing, well done!” said a third viewer.

Brittany and her fiance bought the house in January this year for £290,000 and have so far spent £2,500 out of the £5,000 they have put aside for the first round of renovations.


“We saw so much potential in this house,” Brittany said.

“While it definitely needed some work, we knew it was a place that we’d be able to grow in and really make our own after we spend a few years renovating and redecorating.

“It’ll be a slow process, but even the little changes we can do each month are exciting.

"So far we’ve spent about £2.5k on the house.

"We’ve pulled up the carpets in every room and replaced them with laminate flooring, replastered the ceilings to remove the orange peel texture, replastered six damaged walls, removed wallpaper and repainted in five rooms, replaced light fixtures, outlets, and light switches, upgraded the white goods, and bought a good amount of decor and furnishings."

Brittany said spray-painting the bath is one of the best DIY projects she has ever taken on.

“Someone actually suggested I spray paint the bath on a previous video I’d done,” she said.

“I thought that sounded like an excellent idea, so I did a bit of research and found that I could do it easily with the right spray paint.

“It’s made a huge difference to the overall aesthetic and looks much brighter and newer.

“While it’s still not my dream bathroom, I’m so much happier with how it looks now.

“Just a bit of spray paint took it from old and dingy to bright and clean looking.

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“It’ll definitely last us a few years while we save up to renovate it from scratch.”

A few quick facts:
How much the house cost in January: £290,000
How much the house is worth (estimate) now: £302,000
Cost for spray paint: £6.69 from Sprayster
Cost for caulk: £1.30 from B&Q

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