‘Nut job’ guest slammed for demanding cash to attend friend’s wedding – and her reasoning is really wild | The Sun

A WEDDING guest has left people speechless after telling the bride that she wants her expenses covered in exchange for attending.

The friend of the bride argued via text message that it’s unfair for the couple to forbid anyone from bringing their kids while having their own children take part in the ceremony. 

The bride attempted to politely explain that she wanted to keep the wedding to adults only and will not be paying for any of the guest’s babysitters.

Their shocking text exchange was shared on Reddit after a screenshot began to circulate on social media.

The bride wrote: “Our kids will be there. They are a part of the wedding! 

“You should see their little outfits OMG [oh my God] sooo cute, I can’t wait for everyone to see!”

Her friend said: “How is that fair if they are going but my daughter can’t come?”

The bride replied: “Well, they’re our kids lol. Plus we’ve reached capacity on the venue so we really just can’t add anyone else.”

The friend became heated when her request to have her babysitting cost covered was denied because the bride said it wasn’t her responsibility.

She argued: “How is that not your responsibility if you’re inviting me but not my kid?

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“So I have to give you money for a present, pay for my own gas to get to your wedding, pay for a babysitter, and buy an outfit?

“Shouldn’t you be the one to pay all of this since it’s your wedding?”

The bride wrote: “Well this is why we gave lots of notice for the wedding so that everyone would be able to make childcare arrangements if need be.

“As for giving me money as a gift, I do not expect gifts from anyone at all!

"You don’t have to give me a gift, your presence would be gift enough!

“And no, your gas, dress, etc. isn’t my responsibility.

“Like I said before, if you can’t make it I’ll miss you that day but I do understand.”

Her friend quipped: “If you transfer me $300 I’ll come and bring a present! I really want to be there for you [heart face].”

The bride said: “Uhh, I’m not sending you money lol.

"I’m trying to be as nice as possible here because I love you, but you’re being quite rude.”

The friend hit back accusing the bride of being “rude” and “selfish” for refusing to pay for her babysitter while allowing her own children to attend the wedding. 

The bride replied: “Like I said, those are OUR kids of course they will be at our wedding.

"I can’t believe you’d even expect this from anyone, let alone me.

“I’m just going to make this very easy on you and mark you down as not attending.”

Her friend said: “No I’ll come.”

Reddit users praised the bride for remaining calm throughout the exchange and said her friend was incredibly “entitled.”

One person wrote: “That was wild LMAO. The bride is so classy here, I already would have said f***k off.”

Another commented: “Wow what the f**k! I would have uninvited them.”

A third said: “OMG! The entitlement of some people. I can’t stand people who act like everyone owes them.”

A fourth added: “The bride handled that impressively well. Good for her! She can cut that ‘friend’ off.”

Another wrote: “I can only imagine this is the first wedding the guest has ever gone to.

"Like yeah, you’re responsible for your own ability to attend the event… just like literally any other event.”

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A Reddit user added: "'Selfish.' WTF?

"Added the quotes to clarify I was referring to the nutjob's comment and it was not my own."

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