Four ‘effective’ methods to deter rats from your garden humanely

Rats crawl and jump out of bins in horrifying footage

September has arrived which means rats are more likely to be spotted in gardens, as they will be scavenging food as the temperature begins to drop in autumn. 

Rats can be frustrating to deal with for any gardener as they can destroy large amounts of plants and crops quickly by eating them. Crops which gardeners suspect have been damaged by rats are also best thrown away due to the diseases rats can carry. 

Luckily, one hobbyist gardener has explained that there are four plants that gardeners can plant now to help repel rats and permanently keep them out of your garden.

Lauren Moore is from Chicago, USA and enjoys explaining her best household and motherhood tips on social media.  In one video she explained she was repelling rats from her garden “one plant at a time.” 

She said: “So what am I doing in my garden this year? Repelling rats. Living in Chicago, rats are to be expected, but I am so sick of seeing them in my backyard…about a week ago I saw the biggest rat running through my yard, and I said ‘I’m not doing this again!’ 

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The first flower Laura planted was Lavender, which she planted around her home in order to keep rats away. 

One strong-smelling flower that will keep rats away from your garden is Lavender. Rats rely on their sense of smell to avoid predators and find food, and the potent smell of lavender can confuse, overwhelm and repulse them. 

Lavender will work as a natural deterrent and is best planted around the borders of your garden, near compost bins as well as near decks of garden structures. 


Laura then planted rosemary, and said: “Love this stuff, it smells so good! Anytime I need to trim my plants I will be sprinkling the clippings around the edges of my yard, rats be gone!” 

Often mistaken for lavender due to having familiar flowering, bur rosemary as well as other herbs can be perfect to keep rats away. Rosemary is one of the most effective as it is a hardy plant that does not require lots of care, and will also keep other pests away such as flies. 

Rosemary is best planted near windowsills, doors and around outdoor seating areas to keep rats away.

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In her video comment section, Laura explained that for best results she planted many “fragrant” plants and herbs. 

Peppermint plants will keep rats away due to being strong and clear scent, but also have a distinct freshness which rats naturally dislike due to their highly sensitive sense of smell.

They can also thrive in partial shade meaning it can be grown anywhere in your garden They are also very low maintenance and do not require much care outside of watering.  

Mint plants will flowers, keeping your garden beautiful, and will also keep other pests away such as ants, fleas, spiders and mosquitos. 


Thyme is perfect to plant around your garden as not only will it keep rats away but it will also keep mosquitoes away. 

It is great to plant in gardens as not only does it smell incredible and bloom beautifully, but it will attract beneficial insects and pollinators such as bees and caterpillars. 

Thyme also reduces soil erosion in your garden, which is when soil lacks nutrients and makes it more difficult for plants to grow.  

In the video comment section, Laura wrote that since planting these flowers and herbs she has had no issues with rats. However, she was now trying to figure out how to stop rabbits from coming into her garden.

Laura said: “I haven’t seen any [rats]. Now I’m dealing with bunnies. Always something… I’d rather have bunnies than rats though that’s for sure!” 

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