I had a breast reduction after men constantly stared at my 40G chest

Men constantly leered at my 40G breasts which left me unable to stand up – now I’ve had them reduced I can live a pain-free life

  • Rebecca Chadwick, 46, from Arkansas, considered a breast reduction for 20 years 
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A mother-of-four who was in pain ‘every single day’ due to her 40G breasts has said her life has changed for the better after she had them reduced.

Rebecca Chadwick, 46, claims men used to stare at her in the street due to her cleavage, which left her unable to stand up for longer than an hour.

As the mother from Arkansas, US, struggled to manage her enormous breasts, the mother was plagued by debilitating back pain and migraines. 

‘My breasts pulled on my shoulders and neck, giving me almost-daily headaches,’ she said. 

However, since going under the knife for an operation to reduce her breasts, the mother-of-four has dropped seven cup sizes and feels better than ever.

Rebecca Chadwick, from Arkansas, claims men used to leer at her 40G breasts while she was out in public, leading her to consider a breast reduction for 22 years before finally going under the knife

Rebecca, who has four children with her partner Eddie, Brianna, 25, Victoria, 24, Katheryn, 13 and Willow, five, said she was in constant pain before the operation.

‘I couldn’t go more than an hour on my feet without my back hurting from so much weight on my chest,’ she explained.

‘My bra straps made permanent indentions on both shoulders.

‘People sometimes stared and men leered. This made me feel self-conscious.

‘Some people would comment, jokingly, about my breast size.’

As she battled with the daily pain as well as the unpleasant staring, Rebecca considered having a breast reduction for 22 years before she eventually went under the knife – claiming that her breasts even stopped her from being able to look after her children. 

The mother-of-four, 46, claims her enormous chest left her unable to stand for longer than an hour due to debilitating back pain

Since having her breasts reduced, Rebecca (pictured now) has praised her partner and four children for taking good care of her

‘I have two kids still living at home; one them is only five and it was hard to keep up with what she wanted to do,’ she explained.

‘I did try to cover up my breasts, I would also try whatever I could to minimize them.

‘It was virtually impossible to find clothes that fit correctly.’

In April this year, after seeing multiple doctors and surgeons before choosing her own, Rebecca booking in the $3,660 (£2,859) operation.

The mum claims the insurance company policy would not pay for the surgery unless a certain amount of tissue was removed from the breast.

She said: ‘They require twice as much be taken out as any other insurance company.

‘I think it’s ridiculous because no woman wants to have nothing at all.

‘But I was just ready to get out of pain so the plastic surgeon offered to do a breast lift instead of a breast reduction because it’s technically the same surgery – he just took extra tissue out.

‘A breast reduction is considered a medical procedure and a breast lift is considered a cosmetic procedure – [the latter] is considerably less expensive.’

The mum’s surgery only took two hours; she arrived at the hospital at 5am and was sent home at 12.30pm, with Eddie picking her up.

Rebecca said: ‘I was so happy to see Eddie after I woke up from surgery, any surgery is scary.

‘It was honestly shocking when I first looked in the mirror, all the stitches are scary at first glance.

‘I’m not completely healed and there’s still a lot of swelling so I don’t know my exact size. But when everything is done healing, I’ll be a 40C.

‘I already feel lighter, and there is so much pressure off my back.’

As she recovers, Rebecca has praised Eddie and the children for taking such good care of her – while friends and other family members have been supportive too. 

It will be months before Rebecca is fully healed but she looks forward to the future, and has booked herself a cruise to celebrate her new body.

She added: ‘I have a cruise soon so I look so forward to be able to walk around the ship and beaches for more than 30 minutes without having to sit down because my back hurts.

‘I am also looking forward to picking out a swimsuit based on what I think is cute instead of one that will hold up and support my large breasts!

‘I also can’t wait to be able to wear strapless dresses.’

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