Kate once broke an ‘etiquette rule’ that is ‘huge no-no for royal protocol’

Professional make-up artist Saffron Hughes commented: “From dress codes to etiquette rules, the Royal Family are mindful of the high standards that have been set for them. The Princess of Wales has perfected her execution of approaching beauty, even when following the Firm’s set rules and regulations.”

Some of the guidelines dictate royals should not wear heavy eye make-up or use bright lipstick, but the truth is that Kate recently broke one of the beauty rules.

The Princess of Wales attended a special Christmas carol service at Westminster Abbey in December 2021 with Prince William and their children.

For the occasion, Kate opted for a very Christmassy look, a red dress coat and red lipgloss, a very rare choice since the Princess of Wales always opts for nude lip tones.

Other royals have been spotted many times breaking the beauty rules, including Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice.

Princess Beatrice loves trying new things and experimenting with her style, and often opts for bright red lipstick which perfectly complements her auburn hair.

According to beauty experts at FalseEyelashes.co.uk, these are the five rules Kate always follows:

Never wear bright lipstick

They explained: “The hidden pitfalls associated with wearing bright lipstick means it’s a huge no-no for royal protocol. Bright lipstick can easily lead to a wardrobe malfunction, such as transferring to clothes, your teeth or even just looking too harsh against the skin.

“While Kate makes an effort to follow the rule book for this one, more senior royals prefer not to do so. The late Queen Elizabeth had her own signature bright pink lip created so she could still enjoy a bright lipstick. Princess Anne often sports a bold red lipstick – sometimes even at royal events – throwing the royal rule book out altogether.”

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Never overdo face makeup

Kate favours a natural approach for her makeup, with “flowy skin, thick brows and rosy pink cheeks” being her go-to for public events, although she has worn a subtle smokey eye for more red carpet occasions.

Never wear heavy eye makeup

The Princess of Wales sometimes opts for a smokey eye for glamorous events but for day-to-day affairs, “her eye make-up remains bright and natural”.

The experts explained why this is a no-go: “Heavy eye makeup has a habit of straying underneath the eyes throughout the day, meaning wearing it at royal meetings wouldn’t picture well. Instead, Kate opts for eyeliner on the outer corner of the lower lash line, a matte brown eyeshadow on the lid and a coat of mascara to brighten the eyes.”

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Never wear heavy contour

The royal rules depict “a no tolerance policy for heavy makeup, contour included” and instead, Kate “opts for utilising a dewy foundation and liquid highlighter which accentuates cheekbones just as much as a contour shade would”.

Makeup mustn’t run

The royals’ make-up must last until the end of the day at official events, “even when the family can be in attendance for hours and hours at a time”.

The expert explained: “Kate will come to events with makeup at her arsenal in case of emergencies, however it’s likely it’ll go unused. Another beauty rule is that the royal women mustn’t touch up their appearance in public so instead, Kate will use a budge-proof setting spray and primer.”

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