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YOU might be wearing the wrong styles without even realising it if you've got small boobs.

In fact, some tops will make your chest look even smaller, so aren't the best picks if you want to make the most of what you've got.

But just because some trends might not work with smaller boobs, doesn't mean it's all doom and gloom.

Speaking to Fabulous, professional personal stylist Deni Kiro revealed some of the common looks people with small boobs should steer clear of and why your A cups might be a blessing in disguise.

She says: "Overall, there are many more trends they can wear in comparison to what they should avoid.

"Having a smaller chest is a bonus, it’s a positive and you can wear a lot of clothes."


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That said, there are some styles you might want to ditch from your wardrobe.

Athleisure tops

"The look includes a lot of fitted clothes and it can be quite unflattering for girls with small chests if the whole outfit it fitted," Deni says.

So, wave goodbye to your extra tight sports tops and matching leggings – those sets only highlight flat chests.

Something more tailored will always be much more flattering if your chest is on the smaller side, she notes.

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If you want to keep things casual you can wear a vest instead – but keep clear of bulky straps.

"When it comes to vests I’d suggest a smaller spaghetti strap and you should also opt for more interesting designs for the vest," Deni says.

Plain turtlenecks

For small chests, the trick to add as much detail as you can with posh embellishments, embroidery or even dramatic sleeves, the fashion expert explains.

The problem with most turtle necks is they combine the two things you should avoid.

They're usually very plain and tight, which can be super unflattering, according to Deni.

That said, if you do love the trend you can still make it work, just pick a style with something else going on, like a large, fun print.

Scoopneck tops

Even though they're pretty popular, scoop neck styles don't tend to work very well either.

Depending on how deep the scoop is, it can highlight how small your breasts are while also making your shoulders appear larger.

Instead, a good basic top you can throw on every day would be a V-neck.

Deep V-necklines are especailly flattering for small busts, the pro says, and you can even add some jewellery to finish the look off.

"If you have small breasts you should definitely focus on layering necklaces, they can add that extra level of interest and detail to your outfit," the fashion whizz says.


Whether it's a tight bodycon dress or a top – the style isn't the best choice if you want to create the illusion of a fuller bust.

The fabric of these styles can squish your boobs down, making them appear even smaller.

If you do want something a bit more sexy, Deni recommends a chic corset top, which are bang on trend right now.

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"The romantic embellished look is really in, so if you want to go for a corset with flowers that will add a little bit of volume," she says.

You can see some more of Deni's styling tips on her Instagram account.

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