Pensioner hits out at Egyptian toyboy ex-lover with scathing comment

Pensioner, 83, takes a swipe at Egyptian toyboy ex-lover as she insists her new cat is ‘cleverer than any men she knows’

  • Iris Jones, 83, said her Bengal Mr Tibbs is the ‘new love of her life’ 
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A 83-year-old pensioner who has hit back at her Egyptian toyboy ex-husband as she claimed her new cat is ‘clever than any men she knows’.

Iris Jones, from Weston-super-Mare, first met her husband Mohamed Ibriham, 37, through Facebook in February 2019.

The pensioner left This Morning audiences stunned in early 2020 when she detailed their first night of passion after she travelled to Egypt to meet Mohamed. 

The couple married in November 2020 and they spent almost two years apart before Mohamed was finally granted a visa which allowed him to move into Iris’s bungalow in Somerset.

Last month, Iris revealed that the pair had split after arguing about ‘anything and everything’. 

Iris Jones, 83, and Mohamed Ibriham, 37, pictured in the pensioner’s Weston-super-Mare home before their split last month

After Mohamed moved out, Iris has adopted a new cat called Mr Tibbs and posted an adorable video of the Bengal trying to steal some food on Facebook last night. 

The 80-second clip shows the cheeky young kitten – who was standing on her kitchen counters – picking up multiple sachets of cat food.

As he continues picking them up with his teeth, the delighted pensioner gushes about him being such a ‘clever boy’.

The clip ends with Mr Tibbs – who Iris told MailOnline was the ‘new love of her life’ trying to break into one of the sachets and licking the top. 

Delighted to have caught it on camera, Iris captioned the video: ‘My boy, Mr Tibbs is cleverer than any men I know!’

In the comments, Iris suggested that she intended the caption to be a slight against her now ex-lover. 

‘That’s hilarious,’ one Facebook user replied. ‘Clever Mr Tibbs.’ 

Iris then responded: ‘Much cleverer than you know who!!’ 

Last night, Iris posted a video on Facebook of her new Bengal cat Mr Tibbs picking up sachets of food with his teeth

Taking a swipe at her ex-husband, Iris captioned the video: ‘My boy, Mr Tibbs is cleverer than any men I know!’

Another added: ‘Who needs men?’ Iris then responded: ‘Hear, hear Fran!!’

Earlier this week, Mohamed broke his social media silence when he appeared to address his recent break-up on Facebook. 

The newly-single bachelor shared a photo of himself on his Facebook Stories along with the lyrics of Gloria Gaynor’s hit song I Will Survive.

The image shows Mohamed beaming for the camera while wearing a black coat and grey turtleneck jumper.

Meanwhile, the lyrics of the famous heartbreak anthem were written over the top of the photo.

Mohamed – who worked as a security guard in the couple’s local Tesco – appeared to address his recent break-up on Facebook

In early 2020, Iris raised eyebrows when they appeared with Holly and Phil on This Morning – reducing them to hysterics – as she opened up about their first night of passion

It read: ‘At first I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side.

‘But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong. And I grew strong. And I learned how to get along.’

After announcing their split, Iris – who has two grown-up sons – told MailOnline: ‘We used to have a great sex life but then it dwindled to nothing because I was always so tired from looking after him. I would do all his cooking, cleaning and tidying.

‘I’m better off without him, and I wish I had listened to my family and friends but what’s done is done now. I do regret meeting him and I now know that my best husband was my first husband Gwyn.’

Opening up about their split, Iris added: ‘I threw [Mohamed] out last month and I haven’t seen or heard from him since. He’s taken all his things with him and I’ve no idea where he is but he won’t be welcome back here I can tell you that.

‘My friend said it was meant to be, she’s very spiritual, I think it was his image that I fell in love with him, if he was bald and had a pot-bellied I doubt I would have become infatuated with him.

The couple married in November 2020 and they spent almost two years apart before Mohamed was finally granted a visa which allowed him to move into Iris’ bungalow in Weston-super-Mare

‘I certainly don’t feel love for him at the moment, what I do feel is stupid and I should have known better.’

Then comparing herself to the hit true life BBC crime series The Sixth Commandment, in which a younger man gaslights his male and female victims, Iris said: ‘I feel a bit like the woman in the second episode of that series.

‘Mohamed and me is just like the younger man older woman in that show. It brought it all back. Mohamed wasn’t as clever as that bloke but he’s very similar.’

Iris raised eyebrows when they appeared with Holly and Phil on This Morning – reducing them to hysterics – as she revealed that on their first night of passion, an ‘entire tube of KY jelly’ left her ‘saddle sore’.

Iris said: ‘We just weren’t getting on with each other for a while and drifted apart. I don’t know where he’s living, where he’s working, who’s doing his washing I just haven’t seen him but some friends have seen him around Weston.

‘He took it very badly, he didn’t see it coming but that’s the way it is. You move on now, don’t you.’

Following their wedding in Egypt, Mohamed was given permission to stay in the UK but now the couple have split up the Home Office is expected to review the circumstances of his eligibility.

At the time friends and family warned Iris about the potential pitfalls of the relationship but she ignored them – although now she does wish she had listened to their advice.

She told MailOnline: ‘I don’t know what will happen now, he will want to give his side to the story because in any marriage break up there is always two sides to the story, I admit to all that, I am not the easiest person to get on with.

‘I’m very opinionated and I want things done my way and it was very hard to have a bloke come into my home after 27 years celibacy and having to look after him, it was hard, but it just didn’t work out.

‘I kept thinking and hoping things would improve but they didn’t. I don’t think his family in Egypt know it’s all over. Anyway, I’m better off on my own now, it’s nice and peaceful. Everyone has been saying ‘told you so’ and they were right.

‘To be fair, I don’t regret the good times, but I was blinded by love, I wish we hadn’t got married now, I wish we had just been partners but like I say it’s too late and it’s done now, although a new chapter in my life has opened up.

‘I don’t think he married me to come to England but to be honest, I don’t really know as he doesn’t open up, that was another reason we split as he thought I was a blabbermouth but I like talking to people.

‘Maybe I didn’t really know him, I was married to my first husband for 30 years before we got divorced and I realise now my first husband was the best of the lot. He’s dead now but would have been horrified by all this.

‘There is no way I will have him back and now my love and attention is focused on my cat Mr Tibbs. He’s all that matters, I adore him and he never complains.’

Under Home Office rules Mohamed was allowed to enter the UK for a period of two years as he was married to Iris but now they have split up it is unlikely he will be allowed to remain in the country. 

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