Dog Blinded by Previous Owners Adopted by Visually-Impaired Veteran and His Family

Things are looking up for Louis.

In late December, the 3-year-old dog's previous owners decided to have his eyes removed instead of treating a serious infection, according to Helen Woodward Animal Center. After the procedure, Louis's former family found it too difficult to care for a blind dog and surrendered the pet to a pound in California. Helen Woodward Animal Center pulled the pooch from the pound and brought him to their facility in Rancho Santa Fe.

After sharing his story and making Louis available for adoption, the animal center received an outpouring of support, donations, and adoption applications. Among those potential pet parents was Louis's perfect match.

On Friday, the Lab/shepherd pup went home with his new family: Marine veteran  Steve Walker, his wife Kacey Walker, and their daughter Jordan. The Walkers are an ideal match for Louis for several reasons. The family is local to the San Diego area, allowing Louis to make an easy, travel-free transition into his new home. Steve, like Louis, is visually-impaired. The veteran started losing his sight at the age of 18 due to a rare eye disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa – but he hasn't let the changes slow him down. Steve regularly competes in marathons and triathlons, making him a great role model for Louis, who is learning to adjust to a life without sight. Plus, the Walker home is already outfitted to accommodate Steve's blindness – pocket doors instead of swinging doors, a one-story layout, etc. – and these adjustments will help Louis too! Louis won't be the only dog in his new home. The Walkers are the proud parents to two other calm and loving rescue pups, who are ready to be best friends with this new canine additions.

"Our pets are so loved and spoiled," Jordan said in a statement about Louis' adoption.  "We just know that Louis is going to be the perfect addition to our pack."

Louis, who gained thousands of fans over the past few weeks, won't be showing up to the Walker home empty-handed. His adoption fees were "completely covered" by a Good Samaritan and he also received "one year of veterinary services and 10 sessions of training services from San Diego Pet Training; a $500 Petco Gift Card and a Subaru Loves Pets Adoption Kit from Frank Subaru: an original artwork print of Louis created by an Instagram Louis-fan named Erika Ho; two bags of Blue Buffalo Pet Food; and a card signed by the entire staff who worked with the sweet pup at Helen Woodward Animal Center," the animal center shared in their release announcing Louis' adoption.

To donate to medical care for orphan pets like Louis, please contact VP of Development Renee Resko at (858) 756-4117 x 347 or go to:

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